WWE All Stars Review

WWE All Stars Review 3

If you are anything like me, You used to love WWF (not the panda’s but the greased up fighters) and, if you are anything like me, You yearn for the day Hulk Hogan or Sgt. Slaughter would smash these new boring wrestlers into dust. Look no further boys and girls, THQ have the answer, WWE All Stars.

I have not played a wrestling game in a good ten years, probably since WWF Attitude on the Playstation, So I was a little reluctant in reviewing the latest game by THQ, I did not want my memory to be tarnished, I did not want to disappoint the 10 year old rob that lives inside me.
WWE All Stars has a few options for you to play, as with all wrestling games, they have kept the creat a superstar option aswell, which is always a welcome feature. The one game mode that really stood out to me was the path of champions which let you live out your world champion dreams.

The gameplay is fun and fast paced, With an over the top, exaggerated style, Never leaving you bored. The style of play reminds me of an arcade style wrestling game, which may be a bit simplistic for the hardcore fans (losers?) but brings a lot of challenge for newbies and old-bies alike.

In conclusion, WWE All stars is possibly the greatest wrestling game I have ever played and not only keeps my cherished memories of WWF Attitude un tarnished but improves on it, this is going to be a hard game to top.

I give WWE All stars 7 out of 10 Thumbs up.

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