Why you need a Barcode Scanning app with your Event Management Software

Event management is not an easy job. As an event manager who is taking care of several events at the same time, you need all the help you can get. Thankfully, there are a few event management software in the market that can help you automate most of your work. The best part is that cloud-based solutions can be accessed through mobiles, and they can let you handle most aspects of the event right through your mobile.


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Using such a software, you can automate and simplify registration, ticketing, event marketing, contact management, membership management and event report generation & analysis. Today, we will focus on how a barcode scanning app or solution can help you save time and increase the efficiency of your processes.

What is the purpose of barcode scanners?

The idea behind barcode scanning is to reduce the manual work. A barcode scanner (or a mobile camera) scans the barcode and saves information in a blink of an eye. For example, it would take a human operator many seconds to key in a number or enter other information, but with a barcode scanner the time is reduced significantly. At the same time, the accuracy is increases as human errors are taken out of the equation.

Barcode Scanning and Event Management

When it comes to managing events, there are several tasks that you or your employees perform daily that can be simplified with the use of barcode scanner or barcode apps. As the barcode scanners are perfect for data capture and automatic identification, they can be used to speed up manual ticketing and to automate most of the tasks that require a human to enter data manually.

Another major benefit is that you do not need to train anyone to handle the ticketing or registration processes: the learning curve for simply scanning barcodes using a scanner or smartphone is quite short. Also, as barcodes are easy to print and generate, there is no additional cost attached. Another big advantage is that the data can be directly scanned into the central computer, and you can use several personnel to scan the barcodes at different entry points at the same time.

How does the combination of barcode apps and event management software help?

Barcode scanners do a good job of sending the information to the central computers, but if you are using a cloud-based based event management software, you can use a mobile app to access them. By using a barcode scanning mobile app that allows you to access and modify the information on the event management system, you can streamline all the event management processes. For this you need an app that:

· Allows you to view all the members and registration

· Allows you to access information regarding the participants

· View multiple events at a time and see all the sessions

· Scan barcodes well and record attendance for specific sessions or the whole event

· Check in attendants manually (in case someone has forgotten the barcode)

· Perform all these tasks from more than one device at the same time and refresh the information all over instantly

By using a barcode scanner app that is integrated with a powerful event management system you can boost the accuracy of the data, and you can speed up the process. Such an app would let you take registrations faster and make it easy and fast to conduct ticketing and other sorts of transactions.

So, for event managers who end up spending a lot of time in membership management and ticketing, it is a good idea to get a barcode scanner or a barcode scanning app. As barcode scanning is just a part of your event management process, the best choice would be to get an event management software that comes with an integrated barcode scanning application.

Monik Makadiya is associated with IVVY, an online event management software which boosts your event management capabilities. You can contact him on @painstakingMM.

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