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This video is brought to you by Paperlike … Screen protection that makes drawing or writing on iPad just like writing on paper Check the link below to find out more. Hello friends? KARMAMEDIC is here KHARMAMEDIC And welcome back to another dose … If you are new to this channel …. Hello My name is Nasser and I am now a third year medical student studying at King's College London And every day, both at the university and I take lecture notes Or while I'm in the hospital with practical training and writing down the interesting things that I see on my tours I use my iPad to take notes every day .

.. It completely changed my life as a student … and was the most valuable investment I've ever made … I am a fan of students who use digital or electronic technology to take notes. And in this video, I'll show you exactly why …. if you are a student who uses iPad pro I'd love to hear from you in the comments below about how you used it today, and what helped improve your business life .

.. As a medical student I spend hundreds of hours sitting at my desk Learn all kinds of different things about the human body You can imagine I collect tons and tons of notes Here are a few examples of what my notes would look like and look like with pictures I took from the lectures It also includes the lecture slides and my translations here and then everything underneath is kind of information related to this title I use all kinds of different colors and note-taking techniques to help me remember things I already have a full video that you can check out here But as the time passed before I switched to an iPad, I piled up papers .

.. … you know, let me show you …. These are all notes I wrote during my undergraduate years at the University of Toronto This is my first year in medical school and hence these are all the notes that come up when studying the MCAT Hundreds and hundreds of handwritten pages … these three heavy volumes Which you can't take anywhere with you, The iPad can hold 20 times more information in one ultra-thin electronic device .

… As much as I am careful and organized and do everything in a very specific way It's still hard to go back to these paper notes and find anything I need And this is another amazing thing about iPad Because you can take control of your iPad completely. You can find any word you wrote from any notes piece anywhere Let's say somewhere in these notes.

I want to find the place where you talked about bronchoconstriction So I go over here and I can look for bronchoconstriction Although the pace of writing is very bad I found narrowing of the airways Where will I find bronchoconstriction? In all of these papers and handwritten notes ….. It cannot be underestimated that the use of the iPad is important for university students.

Anyway, let's put this apart. It takes up a lot of space and is heavy It's so light that you barely notice it when it's in your bag and it literally holds ten times the amount of information I can take All of the pens and papers I had with me were simply replaced by this Apple Pencil It has all the colors I take out and the color pencils I could possibly want come in handy in just one second .

.. it's just one very thin and light device … Another amazing feature about iPad is that you can use it as a second device with your MacBook With new iOS and Mac OS updates They have made this very simple with an app called sidecar Just tap this button, and iPad will open a second screen instantly Honestly, I cannot overstate how important a large screen is to me My productivity and efficiency improved greatly You can keep the article you are writing open on the screen And all the research you do on the Internet on the other hand .

.. I decided to go with the 12.9-inch version of the iPad Pro and this was because I wanted more screen space When I'm multitasking with two different apps open at the same time Sure, it helps to have more screen space for writing … So the amazing thing about the iPad is, for example, let's take my lectures on cardiovascular disease.

Let's go to the first lecture … so this here equates to one piece of paper Especially if you hold this in portrait mode, you can see that this is the exact size of A 4 of paper. … and this is what made me switch from writing on paper to going entirely to writing electronically in my life .

… Much easier and much natural freedom felt Another thing that really helped with this natural feeling is the paper … screen protector … Besides actually protecting my screen from any scratches or fingerprints and things like that This is the truth, the feeling as if you are writing on paper .

.. which is a great thing … This is what made me go online to take notes It is smoother and more natural, as if it hadn't changed I gained all the high positive energy by owning an iPad It makes you feel close to you, easy to use, and keeps you away from the annoying feeling if you are writing on a sliding sheet of glass.

And that's what honestly made my experience taking notes on an iPad so much better …. and I really really enjoy it …. If you want to know more about screen protectors, you can check the links in the description below If you already use Apple Pencil and iPad to take notes. Instead of typing on the computer This means that you use your mind every time you write a word .

… I know that when I was in lectures at the University of Toronto with my old laptop I was literally just sitting close to bed, writing down everything I was listening to from the university professor I was recording almost everything the professor said, but the amount of absorption was nothing Now where I really have to write everything I think is important I have to use my mind to turn everything the professor says into something nice and easy to note down and then to remember .

.. And another thing I really appreciate about the iPad … Is that in the future if you want to add new information … or want to delete something old …. It's so simple that you can move things around Manipulating their locations and adding new information …. And it is something that I missed when writing on paper While I had to add something or forgot something, I need to add it It was always a big thing because I was messing around with getting organized and having to move things .

.. … so that's a big point for me … We can't talk about iPad without talking about apps !!! So it is evident that you don't just get this amazing device for jotting your notes and organizing everything in your life But you also have the App Store … Now as a medical student, one of the most used applications is C 3d Anatomy It is an anatomy app that allows you to see the human body in 3D You can control the enlargement of the body and focus on it by pressing on the bones, shapes and structures And to know more about it, it is a great and useful application .

.. There are millions of other applications. I use Quizlet for flash cards For my medical studies, preparation for clinical exams and practical training As you know, there are all kinds of apps that you can use To help you study in order to improve your efficiency while studying Not just something that you use to write and take notes.

It has a lot of other benefits as well Now one of the biggest advantages of owning an iPad is order and not clutter So for example in this note-taking app it's called Accountability I have all kinds of different separators and inside them all kinds of different themes as you can see they are organized by color .

… And let us open one of them and let it be … life support. In .. life support .. I have all these different topics Each of them will have its own set of lectures, discussion workshops, etc. And inside each of these you can see the notes that you have taken Lecture on pleurisy scroll … and a little further down Lecture 3 hypersensitivity and asthma .

.. As you can see for each of these lectures Just look at how much info I can put in here !!! The style, organization and everything is amazing. Another thing with iPad is that you absolutely have no papers … Any documents or photos during my studies I take a picture of it and send it immediately to my iPod and receive it immediately directly to notability This way I never lose papers, and I never curl the papers, all literally in this tiny, delicate device.

… I can't say it enough …. And then with travel if you want to go on vacation or go home to visit your family But you have to follow a little study and memorize some flashcards or review some lectures Literally all you have to take with you is this …. From before when I was traveling home to see my family over the Christmas holidays I was literally taking two or three of these and reviewing them And even though I'm an organized person, trust me I keep everything very well organized Still a lot less organized than my iPad And it's much harder to research and find the information I really want .

… …. It is great for traveling ….. Another amazing thing about iPad is that I know I can never ever lose my job inside it … The notability (note taking) app that I use significantly … you can watch a full video here I have it on the iPad – on the Macbook _ and on the iPhone, All my notes will be stored online forever I will never lose them And if I want to access my notes anywhere in the world on any device, I can simply do so through OneDrive So not all of my notes are in just one slim device But I can literally take them with me wherever I want and I can reach them wherever I want Return to the University of Toronto two weeks before my final exam in my third year I realized that I lost one of this group that I blogged during that year And that was, frankly, very disappointing .

.. those remarks are gone forever And I had to learn and study a lot of the material again because I couldn't get past it quickly using my notes .. It was a terrible experience … and knowing now that this will never happen with an iPad like I own is very reassuring ….. And the last thing I want to say is that the base model of these iPads The 64 GB Wi-Fi version is honestly enough in my opinion You don't need data everywhere you go, Wi-Fi is almost everywhere and you can always connect to it as a student Then if you use your iPad mostly for studying, As you know, you are not downloading Netflix movies or shows or anything like that Then 64 GB, honestly, would be enough .

. I guess this video wraps up here … Hope you got a better idea of ​​how to use my iPad in college and why this is important to me … How did that help me improve my life as a student … If you enjoyed this video Don't forget to leave me like and leave me a comment below for all my news And subscribe to see more of this content in the future, and I'll see you in the next section.

…. Peace …..

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