Why And How to Clean Your Gun

Although most people think of firearms as weapons, they are actually very specialized mechanical systems. As such, they require maintenance and cleaning just like any other device; the problem lies in the fact that most people do not clean their guns as often as they should. There are several consequences involved with not cleaning a gun, including the threat of jamming. An unclean gun might not fire properly, which can be catastrophic when it is needed. More serious threats also exist, such as the gun exploding when fired because of gunpowder build up. Many gun owners have been maimed as a result of improper care.

To prevent these events from happening, all gun owners should take the time to properly clean and care for their firearms. GunCleaners.com offers multiple systems that make this easy to do; with home use systems, S.C.B.A. systems, accessories, and more, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. However, it is important to take the time to learn how each system works and how to apply it to your firearm, whatever type it may be.

Take the time to wipe your firearm down after firing, and use a barrel cleaning tool to remove build up and residue from the inside of the gun. Lubricating oil should be applied to the slide, and it can be beneficial to disinfect the handle every so often. If you do not trust yourself to clean the gun properly, there’s no shame in taking it to an expert for maintenance.

By GunCleaners team

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