What You Need to Know About Making Your App Up to Date

According to a recent report by Yahoo, the average android user has 95 apps installed on their phone. In fact, the average user accessed 35 apps every day. While smart phones are becoming a universal technology standard, not everyone understands the reasons for basic maintenance, such as app updates. In fact, smartphone apps can only offer peak functionality through continual updates. Below explains the benefits of keeping your apps up to date, and how to make them survive longer than the competition.

What You Need to Know About Making Your App Up to Date 

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Security vulnerabilities are the most important reason to keep your apps updated since newer app versions fix loopholes that could compromise your phone security. Keep in mind that the risk of malicious websites and software is becoming more dangerous for smartphones compared with traditional computers, because smart phone technology and infrastructure is still developing and always moving. Security IT services in Ottawa recommend desktop support services as well as firewall protection and anti-malware services to improve security.


App updates will most likely fix non-security bugs, which will improve stability. Smart phone users are encouraged to send bug or crash reports to app developers which will help them compile performance information and statistical data so they can improve the app. In addition, app updates often will increase the overall performance of the app, such as speed and accuracy.

Manual vs. Automatic

App updates are random, yet continuous. Experienced users may prefer to manually decide if they will allow an update. However, most users prefer the convenience of automatic updates. iOS, Android, and Windows all offer an auto update option, which is accessible through the phone Settings. Consider choosing the option to only update apps over Wi-Fi, which will reduce data usage.

Uninstall Feature

While most app updates offer better security and performance, not every app update goes smoothly. That is, certain app updates actually cause new errors, bugs, or even crashes. This is generally due to an incompatibility between the new programming code and phone hardware. All app updates can be uninstalled so the user can roll back to the previous version. If you experience any update problems, contact your company’s IT service department to have them handle the problem.

As mentioned above, certain app updates will cause system instability and problems and it is a good idea to backup apps, especially those that contain irreplaceable information. For example, a notepad app that has a lot of personal notes. There are many free or inexpensive apps which offer excellent backup functions. Using a cloud service based backup is also a good way to prevent data loss in the event you lose your phone.
In conclusion, updating apps is essential to proper smart phone security, functioning, and performance. As an app provider you need to do your part to keep customers coming back. Regular updates will help to make your apps more secure, functional, and effective. Keep these tips in mind as you think about your own improvements.

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