Ways Businesses And Brands Can Use Mobile Apps and Push Notifications The Right Way

Mobile apps, as we say the newest  communication tools and channels available to businesses, organizations and marketers today. When Apple launched the App Store in 2008, mobile users have downloaded  25 billion mobile apps on their iPhone. Android users followed suit with Google play with 15 billion downloads.


Whenever customers download branded apps either free or paid, it opens up doors for possible engagements with customers – this includes push notifications to the home screen of the mobile device. The effectiveness of push notifications requires the user to take immediate action by accessing the application. Now, if the push messages are poorly executed, it alienates the users or in some cases annoy them and then delete the mobile message or totally  turn off the push notifications. Push messaging in mobile apps holds great potential but it’s still in the early stages. Time and the further development of mobile messaging analytics, it’s possible to see the consumers and marketers warm to each other. Until then, we suggest to limit the mobile push notifications to apps which are crucial to its usefulness to your mobile app. If take notice, the scenario is quite similar to email marketing but on a different level.

Good Push And Bad PUsh

Good push notification for example, sending messages to someone to avoid a traffic jam by suggesting a different route to work or school. A bad push notification is  sending a limited time offer when the parent is trying to put a child to sleep. Bad push is just like spam. Usually it results to the user deleting the mobile app from their Smartphone. This is the reason why mobile app developers, businesses, marketers and other mobile app experts need to develop a system toward good push to customers. When this is done right, it gives positive user experience  and enable the brand to connect with their customers anytime  and anywhere.

Best Practices To Make Push Notification Part Of A Positive Mobile App Experience

Here are some of the best practices to make push notification a positive experience for everyone.

  1. Relevant messages should be relevant to the target customers. Notifications should be data driven and should align with what you already know about your target demographic or customers. Think of  what they have downloaded, shared  or purchased and other information that can put the message within the context. Notifications should be tailored to the customers needs and expectations and should not a generic sounding message.
  2. Think of the customer’ schedule. The mobile apps should have a control panel where users can change the settings so that no messages can be delivered at a specific time that they have set. Another good option would be to exclude days on which they don’t want to be bothered at all.
  3. Enabling users to personalize their experience. Giving customers the choice of customizing the content they want to have, and they will love the mobile up for it. If the design of the push content is exact to what the customer’s preference, the happier the customer will be.
  4. Consistency with the brand. Push notifications should be the same way the organization do on the web or email. No confusing messages and notifications.
  5. Make the mobile app push notification better over time. You will be able to tell what the push is hot and what is not. At any given time, mobile app analytic tools will give you on what you reap open rates are and what it makes them click or fall flat with the customers.
  6. Adapting to the present situation. The push notification should be able to adapt to the user’s current situation and location. There is no point in sending notification with every move the customer’s make. It will just annoy them.

There will be more developments in the coming months and no one knows about the coming thing for push notifications. These are just some of the things a business considers  putting more awareness and mileage to their brand.

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