Updating Your HVAC System: Tech Innovations That Make a Difference

HVAC systems serve both residential and commercial buildings. Keeping everyone comfortable is the goal for these machines. However, they aren’t updated nearly as often as they should be. There are a few updates that can be implemented throughout the system’s life in order to maintain its longevity and energy efficiency. Get familiar with these tech innovations right now.

Swapping out the Control Panel

Your system’s control panel may be as old as the building it resides in. Swap out the control panel because it usually takes only a few screws and wire transfers to complete. The panel makes the system feel like new once again. Digital readouts allow for better accuracy when it comes to temperature.

Replacing the Filter

One of the simplest upgrades that you can complete is swapping out the air filter. Try a newer brand with extra filtration power, such as products with an air filter supplier Richmond. Look at both disposable and reusable filters too. The latest filters in the marketplace will pull considerable particulates out of the household or office air supply.

Checking the Capacitor

An upgrade that’s often overlooked is the capacitor that resides within the outdoor unit. This large cylinder looks benign, but it offers steady current to the outdoor components. The capacitor can fail at times, however. Professionals can replace the capacitor so that the outdoor fan spins and operates normally.

Considering a New System

At some point, updating your system isn’t possible anymore. Parts may be obsolete, or the system has too many flaws after several decades of service. Think about replacing the system before it outright fails. If you have a split system, one or both sections might be part of the installation. A new system will last for many years with the proper maintenance schedule.

Ask a professional to evaluate the system at least once a year. The experts might see issues or updates that require attention before they worsen. Work with one company so that they become familiar with your system. The evaluations are easy as a result.

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