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Who doesn’t want a flourishing business? Majorly possible with more and more customers, loyalty too plays a vital role. Everyone wants clients to stay with them forever. This is possible when you introduce great services, new features, innovative technologies and anything else that could keep your clients thrilled.

LG Optimus L9

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LG, a leading Smartphone manufacturer, has been doing just that. With multiple phone models launched, the company is bringing newness in all its introductions. While some of its phones boast of wider touch-screens, others are known to have great camera features.

Let’s get to one of LG’s older launches, LG Optimus L9 that was released at the end of 2012. Operated with a Android™ 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, the phone supports 4G Internet browsing and Google maps navigation. It is a multi-tasking phone with 5 megapixel camera, QUICKMEMO™ feature and social media integration.

But as I said above, all of us want loyal customers – people who’d stay with us forever. These days Smartphone manufacturers and network connection providers enter into customer-retention agreements. As a result Smartphone manufacturers lock their phone models with a unique software-generated code that allows the use of a single network service on that device.

However not everyone would favor this restriction, especially because the freedom to choose your own service is critical. In such cases, unlocking plays a life saving role. If you own an LG Optimus L9, you can get it unlocked right way. But before telling you how to do that, let me tell you why to do that:

· First and foremost, you want to be free forever to use any network service. As unlocking is a onetime process, you don’t need a second-thought.

· Unlocking is 100% legal, simple and quick

· Unlocking increases the resale value of your phone

· After unlocking, you would be able to use all voice and data features

The most important benefit of unlocking comes in while you’re flying outside. The ease to change to a local SIM will bring down your hefty roaming bills. Not forgetting the fact that if you take services from a trustworthy third party agency, your money is also safe. In case your phone is not unlocked, you get 100% money back assurance.

Getting on to the procedure of unlocking your LG Optimus L9 – it’s simple! Just get hold of your phone’s IMEI number that’s obtainable by dialing *#06# from your keypad. Now look for a reputed cell phone unlocking service provider, visit their website and place an order to purchase the unlock code for your phone. This code is unique, software-generated and has 16 digits in total.

The third party agency usually asks for the IMEI number, current network name, email ID and payment details. When you add all information, confirm the order and make payment successfully – you will shortly receive the unlock code on your email ID.

What next? Nothing much! Just change your phone’s SIM to the new one and when it asks for an unlock code; enter the one you received on your email. Your phone will be ready to use.

You just need to take care of three important things:

· Mention the current network connection and not the one you want to use

· If number of remaining attempts is ‘zero’, do not place the order

· Recheck your IMEI number carefully before submitting the order

By Alice Aires

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