Understanding Data And Vba – The Role Of The Vba Tutorial In The Presentation Of Data

Data presentation is at the heart of many company roles – certainly at the heart of many departmental functions. The currency by which a business is able to develop and grow is the currency of data. Data records achievements. It tracks the progress of a company and allows executives to interrogate that progress in ways that enable them to build the future. It can be manipulated or learned from so directed outcomes can be achieved in future periods.

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is one of the basic tools by which sophisticated data presentations– those that allow this manipulation and learning to take place – are created. VBA allows the user to create customised dialogue boxes and macros, which are inserted into company workbooks and spread sheets to facilitate the directed retrieval and presentation of important data.

A VBA tutorial is used to introduce delegates or company members to the specific functionalities of VBA and the ways in which it can be used to assist in the presentation of data. The functionality uses the Visual Basic programming language to write its applications – so in general terms delegates to a VBA tutorial are expected to have some experience with writing in this language already.

VBA tutorial

At this end of the Excel spectrum, the true capabilities of the program become extremely clear. Essentially, all Excel work involves writing a program capable of interrogating and presenting data – even the most simple number column exists within this conceptual framework. The difference with a VBA tutorial is that the person capable of writing in Visual Basic for Applications is able to make that program do much more tailored things.

Essentially, the difference between just creating a spreadsheet, and developing a workbook with VBA functionality, is one of involvement. A spreadsheet is to data what a web page built using WordPress or a similar platform is to web functionality. The person doing the building has very little idea of what is going on in the background and is thus unable to do anything outside the prescribed boundaries.

A person who can program in HTML, however, can make a website do anything he or she wants. This is the same thing that happens when a person who has been to a VBA tutorial, or who has taught himself or herself how to program applications in Visual Basic, begins to apply himself or herself to the problem of how to present or interrogate date in a specific way.

The beauty of Excel has always been that it places an inordinate amount of power at its user’s fingertips – but that it only really unleashes that power when the user is able to learn how to really get into it. This is why anyone can put numbers in a column, but only a VBA tutorial can give you the secrets of how to write applications that can allow your MD to extract precise projections from years’ worth of data.

The fact that most VBA programming is done by people who already have an understanding of Visual Basic further outlines the difference in power and application, between starter understanding of Excel and the program fully unleashed.

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