Two Way Radios

Unlike a broadcaster receiver which works by receiving information and other content, a two way radio can both receive and transmit information. With other radios operating in the same frequency, a two way radio operator can communicate with other servers and users of similar devices. These radios come in a number of configurations including stationary base, hand held and mobile.

The operation function of a two way radio relies solely on the half duplex method whereby the operators talk and listen at different times. NOTE, the operator does one thing at a time, meaning he or she can either talk or listen at two different times. As for the cellular telephones and other mobile devices, they cannot be classified as two way radios simply because they feature the two functions simultaneously meaning you can talk and hear at the same time. However, what gives them that convenient capacity is the full duplex mode installed in the system.


Depending on the attributes of a two way radio, it can be classified into different forms. The first type is the conventional and the second one would be the trunk radio. The conventional ones operate on fixed RF channels. However for the radios with multiple channels, they will operate on only one of the channels. This can be selected according to the user’s preference.

As for the other form of a two way radio, the trunked one, the frequency channel of the radio is picked by the system of the trunked radio. The relationship between the background of the radio and what supports it is mainly defined by a given protocol that also allow the assignment of different channels to be carried out automatically. However, unlike the conventional one, the trunked two-way-radio can carry out multiple conversations on one physical channel.

The two way radios have been able to steal their way in different fields the most common of all being the security society. By fully understanding the potential carried out by these devices, a number of agencies as well as corporations have been able to maximize their services. But why is that possible? Well, this has been achieved when the devices have helped improve their response to highly critical situations through utmost convenient communication.

Additionally, other information and technology based firms including Motorola Company have come up with two way products for public safety and clients to focus on their mission and not on the field of technology. In some cases, the two-way-radio is used to communicate digital or analog data. Systems can either be categorized as duplex or simplex and might decide to settle for very selective calling features. The greatest merit carried along by the full duplex systems is that information can be sent REAL-TIME between two different points.

Some have been asking the life of this system. Okay, similar to other mobile devices, the life span of a two way radio has been known to be 7 or 8 years. As for their accessories, they can stay for up to 2 years upon the right maintenance. This will depend on a number of factors including the environment and atmosphere exposed to. Finally, always know that not all hand held devices are radios. A similar technology employed by the two way radios can be applied in other radio forms.

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