Top Technology Gifts for Him

With Christmas rapidly approaching, you may be finding yourself increasingly stumped as to what to buy for the men in your life. However, the safe bets for what’s on his Christmas list this year are contained within the futuristic spheres of high-tech gadgetry and super-fast internet. With cutting edge game consoles, e-readers and smartphones dominating headlines and decimating wallets, it’s worth considering giving the gift of technology.


In terms of living room gaming, the major presents for this year and the next are going to be the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, both representing substantial leaps forward in sheer power. The brands will certainly be sticking around; I wouldn’t expect to purchase another console for five to seven years. Both feature high-octane online gaming, stunning high definition graphics, motion control and the capacity to offer an impressive multi-media experience. However, bear in mind that Microsoft and Sony can respectively offer is substantially different, particularly in the selection of games and online services available. It’s also worth planning ahead if you’re counting on gifting a new console. Many major sites such as Amazon are already out of pre-orders for both units, and have implemented strict purchase deadlines for Christmas delivery. Expect to pay about £450 for the Xbox One, and £350 for the Playstation 4.

Additionally, 2013 has proved itself a fantastic year for the existing console generation. Recently released, highly acclaimed titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite and Assassin’s Creed IV will go down well with almost every gamer. Prices fluctuate, but each game will probably set you back around £30 to £40 new.

Cutting edge portable electronics are abundant, but a few clear favourites stand out from the crowd in desirability and quality. The Kindle Fire series from Amazon represents a new chapter in e-readers, introducing colour, video and advanced processing power to rival Android devices and the iPad. Available from £119, these tablets are ideal for when he’s constantly on the move. Likewise, Apple have also introduced the ultra-fast iPhone 5S and the envelope width iPad Air, aimed at the more stylish, social and image orientated gentleman. Both are currently at the cutting edge of mobile computing, providing features such as 3G wireless and Siri on the go through the improved OS 7 platform. Apple’s perennial stocking filler, the iPod, also continues to go from strength to strength. The latest models of the iPod Touch start from around £250, offering access to mobile gaming, Wi-Fi and tons of music and video content wherever the man in question may be.

Hyper Optic the UK’s fastest fibre optic broadband is also rolling out across the country. If you haven’t yet upgraded, Christmas could prove the ideal time to do so. Exponentially faster internet and download speeds will substantially improve all of your technological gifts. Packages are available (in select areas) from Sky, Virgin, BT and other internet service providers. It may also be worth considering buying a subscription to an on-demand streaming service, such as Netflix. With thousands of various titles across a vast spectrum of genres to choose from, this is one gift that you certainly cannot get wrong.

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