Top games to show off your new iPhone 5S

Apple’s newest iPhone 5S has proved to be an excellent gaming device that will surely exceed your expectations. Featuring a brand-new thumbprint reader, a limited golden edition, a killer A7 chip & 64-bit processor, and a groundbreaking slo-mo camera, the Smartphone cannot stop to amaze. The 5S is two times more powerful than the former iPhone 5 and it features a game-friendly iOS7 in order to make your experience even more far-fetched. Mobile gamers should expect improvements such as increased polygon counts, better lighting effects, more realistic particle effects, and more. Here’s a list with some of the best games for iPhone 5S, so if you want to brag to your friends with a revolutionary gadget, that’s the perfect way to do it.


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Although Bastion doesn’t feature any flashy 3D graphics, it still deserves a spot on the list. The game is one of the greatest-looking games for iOS so it won’t disappoint. Featuring a highly impressive and super-detailed 2D fantasy world, Bastion will definitely leave avid players speechless. Furthermore, Bastion is an incredible action RPG, and together with the iOS 7 controller support you’ll be able to play it to its fullest potential, right here, on the iPhone 5S.


There’s no doubt the 5S is the greatest and most powerful smartphone on the current marketplace. In order to demonstrate that claim, avid gamers are invited to play Lili on their iPhone 5S. The game is based on a thriving adventure and it features ground-breaking graphics you’ll adore. Tuned for the newest devices out there, Lili is a visually-stunning game for the iOS. It used a funny ‘non-combat’ system in order to cope with the enemies, and to fix more serious issues you’ll have to solve some interesting puzzles.

Infinity Blade 3

When Apple launched the iPhone 5S it actually used Infinity Blade 3 to showcase the device’s gaming potential. The award-winning video game trilogy has finally reached a conclusion, so if you’re an avid gamer you have to play it on your S5 to showcase the phone’s incredible capabilities. Developed by ChAIR, the original blockbuster meant exclusively for the iOS returns with gorgeous visuals, adrenaline-fueled combat action, and an enticing love story packed with betrayal actions and redemption. What more can you ask for?

Real Racing 3

Together with the Infinity Blade trilogy, the acclaimed Real Racing series is Apple’s all time favorite as well. Featuring detailed 3D car models and fast-moving action, the game will look like it was particularly crafted for iOS7. Real Racing 3 highlights a never-ending roaster of beautifully-crafted licensed tracks, roughly 70 thoroughly detailed cars from famous makers such as Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, and Bugatti, as well as a 22 car grid. Together with various social leader-boards, ghost challenges, ingenious time shifted multi-player technology, and time trials, Real Racing 3 will excel on iPhone 5S.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

Are you ready to watch your jet’s engine sizzle as you fly closer and closer to your target? Ski Gamblers features the snazziest graphic effects on iPhone 5S, and together with a high dynamic range of image rendering, your gaming experience will be unforgettable. Furthermore, the lighting details and frame rates are greatly improved on the 5S, so you’ll definitely have what to show off to your buddies.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

If there’s one FPS game that can amaze iPhone 5S owners, that’s without a doubt Modern Combat 4. The theme of the game places the main character in the middle of a nuclear disaster where the only chance of survival lies in the hands of an elite team of devoted soldiers. On your quest to saving the world, you’ll have to track down and save the leaders of the world from a terrifying terrorist group. Optimized for the 4-inch retina display for the 5S, the gaming experience will be exquisite and truly entertaining.

iPhone 5S has managed to draw some serious attention with its revolutionary A7 chip and 64-bit processor, and increasingly more gamers out there are admitting that the Smartphone can successfully replace gaming consoles, laptops, and PCs. If you’re an Apple fan in love with the most adventurous and ground-breaking iOS games on the market, the list we just piled up will surely blow you away.

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