Top Gadgets for Travel

When you are travelling, whether you are just hopping on the train to visit friends in another part of the country or skipping across borders and boundaries to foreign climes, you will need some gadgets to keep you company. Here are some of the top gadgets for travel in the modern world, covering both entertainment and practicality.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover Extreme

Samsung Galaxy Xcover Extreme

While there are plenty of smartphones which are more powerful than this option from Samsung, few are so fit for travel. It is designed to be used in the harshest of environments and can withstand being submerged in water at a depth of up to 1 metre for half an hour at a time. That means you could drop it in a puddle or get it covered with mud and simply pick it up, clean off any dirt and continue to use it unhindered. With less chance of being damaged this Android handset will keep you entertained through months of travelling.

IM Watch

One of the nattiest travel items around today, this is no ordinary wristwatch. Instead it uses Bluetooth connectivity to hook up to your smartphone. This connection allows it to display your latest messages, emails and missed calls on its small LCD screen, so it does much more than just tell the time. This might be useful if you do not want to get your phone out and flash it around in a slightly dodgy area but you still want to see whether anyone has got in contact.

UWater G4 Chrome

With a dinky shell, full MP3 audio playback and a rating of 100% water resistance, this portable media player is definitely one for any traveller who values durability in their gadgets. You could take it into any hotel shower and enjoy your favourite tunes without it breaking down. You could even go out in a torrential rain shower deep in the rainforest and the G4 Chrome would not skip a beat.

Sony PlayStation Vita

The premier handheld console of the moment is definitely the PlayStation Vita and it will keep travellers entertained for hours with top tier titles. Its quad core CPU and GPU are far more powerful than anything found in the world of smartphones. In addition it has twin touchpanels to give you new ways to interact with games. Of course the inclusion of dual analogue control sticks means that it plays more like a full sized home console than a portable gadget and with battery life of up to 6 hours it should last for a good chunk of even the longest journey.

Jawbone UP
This little gadget takes the form of a wearable wristband which you can strap on and synchronise with your iPhone in order to keep track of your movement. Whether you are seeing how many calories you burn while climbing the steps inside the Empire State Building or if you are simply trying to keep up a fitness regime to intersperse with bouts of sitting by the pool, this gadget will be great. Like many of the above items it might come as part of a deal that includes phones and free gifts which could help you save cash upfront.

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