Top 5 Ways to Make Your Windows XP Faster

Windows XP is used in millions of computers across the globe. Most users work on Windows XP by using the default features that are already ticked at the back end of this operating software. However, if you look closer, you will find that you don’t use many of these features! What these features do is slow down your Windows XP software. In this post, we have listed the top 5 ways to make your Windows XP work faster than ever before.


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  1. Display Settings: The display settings on Windows XP have a large number of pre-checked boxes when it comes to features. There are many that you do not even know about! And un-checking these boxes will not affect your computer in any way, except that it will make it faster. To uncheck these boxes, right click on My Computer and then go to Properties, Advanced, Performance and Settings, in that order. Uncheck the unwanted features.
  2. Indexing Service: A proverbial white elephant on your Windows XP software is the indexing service. This is used to bring you faster results when you use the search command from the Start box. The flip side is that this indexing service consumes a lot of memory space. Disable this index box by tuning into the Control Panel Settings. Get into Add or Remove Programs by double clicking it and then uncheck the Indexing Services option. After doing so, restart your computer for the changes to kick in.
  3. Disk Cleanup: Cleaning up your computer disk is as important as throwing out junk from your wardrobe or cupboard. Windows XP allows you to cleanse your computer and get rid of unwanted files that are slowing down your computer. Visit My Computer through the Windows Explorer. Then right click on hard drives and use Properties. Click on the Disk Cleanup option. Windows XP will show these files along with identity tags on them. Delete the ones that you don’t need.
  4. Virtual Memory Pagefile: In Windows XP parlance, the virtual memory pagefile is a memory space created by the operating software itself to provide memory backup to your computer’s RAM. This memory backup usually consumes a lot of your hard disk memory space without being of any practical use to your computer. To make your Windows XP work faster, cut it down to size. You don’t need more a virtual memory pagefile that is more than 1.5 or 2 times the size of your RAM. Find out the RAM value of your computer by clicking on Properties in My Computer. Then select Advanced on the same tab. Choose Performance and then Settings. Select Advanced on the Settings tab. Click on Virtual Memory and then on Change. Now insert a value that is 1.5 or 2 times the value of your RAM in the Custom Size fields for both Maximum and Minimum. Then click OK.
  5. Automatic Network Search: When Windows XP works in a networking setup, like LAN or WAN, the automatic network search option allows you to search for files or folders across all the networking computers or memory drives. As obvious, most users of Windows XP work on individual, isolated computers. So, you don’t need automatic network searches! Disable them because Windows XP conducts these network searches by default whenever you use My Computer or Windows Explorer. Go to My Computer, Tools, Folder Options, View and uncheck the box for Automatically Search for Network Folders and Printers. Click OK and restart the computer.

Author’s Bio: Daniel Zica is a consultant for computer repair in Fort Lauderdale at He also contributes articles and blog posts on computer repair, tricks and tips on using software and operating systems like Windows and Mac.

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