Top 5 Best apps for Kids to learn and enjoy

There is growing demand for mobile applications on the market than ever before. No doubt there are several incredibly useful applications irrespective of the age group with the intension of making lives much easier. Like all other applications there exists wide range of varieties in kids’ applications as well. Here are some examples for kids’ apps: educational apps, entertainment apps, games and so much more. A few applications can be downloaded at free of cost while the rest are paid.

Kids most love to spend their time playing indoor, outdoor or mobile games. So, why do you just let your kid play those unproductive games like Mario or Angry Birds? Ensure he/she learns from the smartphone apps. Finding any difficulty to raise your kid as a single parent, don’t worry child support phone number is available, give a call and get some financial assistance. The listed below are top 5 best apps for kids and for sure most of the kids would love it.

1. Phonics and First Letter: This app is great for developing pre-reading skills and kids usually love it. Your child can recognise letters and matches the letters while listening to the song. This app lets your kid learn from the phonics (i.e. the sound that letter makes). This app supports both educational and entertainment purpose. This app is approved and toddler tested. Some features of this app include:

  • Helps in developing fine motor skills
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters recognition
  • Displays picture of each alphabet


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2. Interactive Alphabet: This app aids in learning and keeps kids engaging with its unique and memorable interactions. They learn while playing the “Zip the Zipper” and “D’inosaur roar”. Some features of this app include:

  • Pre-reading option which works great for therapists and educators
  • Helps in developing reading functional skills
  • Produces different phonic sounds
  • ABC song

3. Shape builder: Kids love to watch cartoon shows, funny clips, movies and games. This is a wonderful application for children, kindergarteners, and pre-schoolers; it enhances their cognitive thinking and motor skills. There comes around one hundred plus puzzles loaded in it. Some features of this app include:

  • It uses fruits, vegetables and animals images
  • Professional voice recording
  • Sound effects

4. Abby’s Train: This game is popular among many kids. This is completely a new app that helps your kid to best prepare for his kindergarten curriculum. It is flexible and easy to use as it helps your kid to master vocabulary and toys identification. Some features of this app include:

  • Fun sound effects
  • Child-friendly interface

5. Farm Joy and Co: It is one of the best educational video game. This memory game is fun to play. Kids enjoy learning from animations and animal sounds. Some features of this app include:

  • Find hidden letters option
  • Pair memory card
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