Three Ways to Fix Your Mobile Devices After Breaking the Touch Screen

Tablets and smart phones have become central to many people’s lives. Unlike the sturdier devices of the post, current technology uses larger and more delicate touchscreens, which are subject to scratches, cracks and breaks when dropped or mishandled. Fortunately, screens can be repaired. The following guide will help.

Three Ways to Fix Your Mobile Devices After Breaking the Touch Screen

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Wax, Oils and Toothpaste

If the screen damage is limited to scratches or scuffs, a car scratch removal product, such as Turtle Wax, can eliminate the unsightly damage. The product should be applied with a soft cloth, using a gentle rubbing motion. Toothpaste is also effective at hiding scratches, but must be applied very carefully to avoid damage to the screen coating. It should be noted that the iPhone 5 screen has an oleophobic coating that can be destroyed by the use of polishes, leaving an ugly patch, so those products should be not be used. Vegetable oil is another quick, temporary cosmetic fix for a scratched screen, but tends to be very messy.

Screen Replacement Kit

Those who are more adventurous can attempt to replace the screen through the use of a kit, which costs about $100. This can be a good alternative to getting a manufacturer replacement that can be expensive and take weeks. The kits come with the new screen and the special tools needed to take the phone apart. This is especially important when it comes to iPhones, as they are nearly impossible to disassemble without the right tools. Watching an online video tutorial is advisable before attempting any type of repair.

Manufacturer Repair

If the damage is too severe, or the user is not comfortable with attempting a DIY repair, the phone can be sent back to the manufacturer or other authorized location for a professional replacement. This can be costly and inconvenient, as the user will be without the phone for days or weeks. The upside is the repair will be done by an expert and will come with a warranty, which is helpful if more problems arise in the long term. The device may also operate more efficiently than it would with a home repair. It is also probably the easiest way to get your mobile device repaired. It can be as simple as point and click here. The only other thing is the user will need to decide if having the phone fixed is a more practical approach than simply replacing it.

With nearly every device now having a touchscreen, scratches and cracks are inevitable. Using the suggestions above can guide users to the correct repair choice.

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