Three Best Loved eReader Apps for iPhone

The iPhone generation is perhaps the most fortunate of all. This can be assumed by the plethora of services and apps that conveniently available for it. Thus, if you love reading and have an iPhone with you then it is the most ideal combination. You will have the grand opportunity to enjoy a plethora of eReader apps that will give you the most cherished reading pleasure. Scroll down to look at three such apps and pick up the one that suits you best.

iBooks from Apple

How can you ever overlook Apple whenever the discussion is about apps? Thus, Apple’s entry into the world of eBooks is by means of its highly polished eReader service, which is known as iBooks. The notable things about this Apple species is that it feature high resolution screen that runs on Retina Display and eye alluring interface. If you love high tech reading session then this app is perfect for you as it integrates futuristic features like highly responsive and multimedia oriented page turn options and additional sophisticated features. The notable ones among them are that it allow readers the option to annotate texts or specific lines and multitude of reading materials.


Nook from Barnes and Noble’s

You might probably know that Barnes and Noble’s earlier attempt to give the eBook loving population a user friendly eReader was never as successful as was estimated. But Nook is definitely a notable improvement from the same maker. While you will never feel deprived from reading pleasures on this eReader app, you can even customize your session with hoards of additional features! Therefore, you can always give it nine out of ten for its features, interface and user-friendly functions.

Amazon Kindle

Nook has a competitor in the form of Amazon Kindle! Its highly comparable offers make it the highly appreciated app for iPhone owing eBook readers of the world. The greatest thing about Amazon Kindle is that you will be able to get hold of the latest books from your preferred genre at a price must cheaper than the one you will have to pay for their printed forms. Although there are a couple of demerits like unavailability of preferred fonts and criticality of the purchasing process, you cannot overlook the fact that newly released eBooks can be yours only for $9.99! However, one another major benefit certainly needs mention. You can customize the size of fonts as per your convenience so that your reading pleasure remains unaltered.

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