The Truth Behind These 8 Common Misconceptions About Refurbished MacBooks

Whether your MacBook needs an upgrade or you’re in the market for your first one, it can be an incredibly tough decision to pick the best model to buy. With Apple releasing new products every year, there are quite a lot of options. Plus, the investment of purchasing a new laptop is a big deal—it’s no secret that a brand-new MacBook comes with the features you want but with costly price tags.

Owning a MacBook or any other Apple product is synonymous with having a lot of money to shell out for the machine. Most people think it’s impossible to buy one for cheap unless you get it second hand.

Well, it’s time to think again. A refurbished MacBook can quickly get you top-of-the-line specs that are way more affordable than in Apple stores—but most people shy away from it.

Unfortunately, non-gadget enthusiasts tag the term “refurbished” as something bad or broken. Some people think a refurbished model is second-hand, badly damaged and repaired, or has poor quality. However, you’ll be surprised to know that that isn’t the case. Refurbished laptops and gaming computers do just as well and perform like brand-new ones, complete with warranties and customer service.

Refurbishing a MacBook can’t be done just by anybody, either. Apple has specific requirements and guidelines from its refurbishment centers to assure that their products still come off with the best quality. This puts refurbished models above other non-brand-new items, like an open box or used machines.

Not quite believing what you’re reading? This is why it’ll benefit you to do substantial research first so you can explore all of your options. Below is a comprehensive infographic that aims to discuss and debunk the common misconceptions about refurbished MacBooks and why buying those instead can be the best investment you can make.

The Truth Behind These 8 Common Misconceptions About Refurbished MacBooks 3

By Chris Cantrell

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