The Top Tech Trends Forever Changing Movies and Television

Technology is changing the world around us. It has changed the way we communicate, the way we shop, and the way we watch television and movies. In fact, the entertainment industry has dramatically transformed over the past several years thanks to advances in technology. However, the changes are just beginning as there are several tech trends poised to forever transform movies and television.

The Top Tech Trends Forever Changing Movies And Television

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Streaming Media

One of the top tech trends already having an affect is streaming media. Viewers can now watch movies and television on their own time thanks to streaming media services like Netflix. With more viewers preferring streaming media over broadcast television and theatrical movies, expect to see more original content to be developed for streaming platforms in the future.

3D Technology

Another tech trend is 3D technology. Advances in 3D technology have enabled more movies and television shows to be either shot in 3D or converted in post production. Mocap for animation is just one way technology is changing the world of movies. With 3D cameras becoming cheaper and more functional, this trend should only accelerate to give audiences a fully immersible experience found only in movie theaters. Furthermore, this will ultimately lead to the use of 4D technology, which will truly make viewers feel they are part of the show.

Affordable Animation

The affordability and accessibility of animation software will also impact the industry. Animation was once incredibly expensive but is becoming more affordable. As a result, expect to see more animation and visual effects come to even the smallest of films and shows.

Optic Fiber

The expansion of optic fiber is another tech trend poised to affect movies and television. Optic fiber produces download speeds that are instantaneous, which will allow for quicker distribution of films to theaters, and increase the usage of streaming media.

Virtual Characters

Another tech trend is the growing usage of virtual characters. Digital technology will continue to advance to the point that human actors will not be needed for some movies. Thanks to technology, these characters are more lifelike than ever on screen.

Digital Technology

The final tech trend is the increasing usage of digital technology. Film is dying, as everything will be shot digitally. As a result, this will reduce costs for filmmakers and afford them increased flexibility in terms of production and post production.

These are exciting times for the entertainment industry as technology is and will continue to redefine how movies and television shows are made, and in the way we watch them.

By Anita Ginsburg

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