The Top 5 Barcode Apps For Android Users

Applications for mobile devices are ever growing and evolving.  With each, the goal is to ease the processes of life or make daily tasks more enjoyable or efficient.  From games to shopping list applications, there are many that can be used to pass the time and also help your day to function more smoothly.

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When it comes to shopping, there are many of these applications in creation and in downloadable form.  Among the most popular of these are barcode scanning applications.  These applications allow for instantaneous scanning of products that will list prices, compare the cost, or even provide coupons when scanned.  If you are an Android user, the following are five of the top barcode applications that you can download and use on your device.

QuickMark Barcode Scanner

The QuickMark Barcode Scanner has a lot to offer.  Users can scan multiple barcodes and then let the app provide information relating to where the product can be purchased as well as where product reviews can be found.  This information is awesome for people who want to make an informed, rather than a problematic, purchase.  The QuickMark Barcode Scanner works on a large number of Android devices, it is quick to install and takes up little room.  Free to purchase, this app has become a must have for shopaholics around the world.

RedLaser Barcode Scanner

The RedLaser Barcode Scanner aims to help users to shop smarter and faster.  By simply scanning a barcode the app will show users where the product can be purchased online as well as in their local area.  Price comparison can also be performed within seconds.  Users can then opt to either visit a local store in person or buy the item instantly from their mobile phone.  Available on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone devices for free, it is no wonder that this app has been downloaded over 24 million times.

Barcode Scanner

The Barcode Scanner application, as the name suggests, is a great application for Android users.  Made by a leader in gaming and application of the ZXing Team, the Barcode Scanner allows for ease of use with quick barcode scanning capabilities.  Once a barcode is scanned, the app will show where the product page is, as the aforementioned do, and actually allow you to share your QRL scans with others via the network capabilities of the phone itself.  Simple, easy, and efficient, this is a great application for shoppers of all walks of life.  At the time of writing this app was free and had been downloaded over 50,000,000 times.

Scan To Spreadsheet

Another Android application, Scan to Spreadsheet, takes the information that you scan and organises it into an easily accessible spreadsheet.  This is great for those that need to build up an inventory of products, track the products that they have in stock or those who just want to create a basic spreadsheet detailing recent purchases.  Whilst some people have found the app to be confusing, it has been a hit with businesses who operate both on and offline which is why we have included it in our list.  Priced at $2.99 this app is extremely cost effective when you consider the job that it does.

Barcode Express Pro

Barcode Express Pro is currently one of the best apps available for inventory tracking and reporting.  All users need to do is scan items and the app will simply categorise the items by value, location, ID tag and category.  Product images can also be shown if desired.  One of the best things about Barcode Express Pro, and one of the reasons why it has become so popular, is because users can export the data to email or Google Docs, relinquishing them of masses of paperwork.  Costing just $1.99, this is a cost effective option for Android business users.

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Jess Toogood is a blogger who spends a lot of time writing product reviews.  She has found the wide range of barcodes apps to be invaluable in her line of work.

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