The Top 10 Coolest Tech Gadgets For Health And Fitness

When it comes time to get healthier, technology is the place to look. The technology and health industries are coming together on a scale unlike ever before, and here are ten of the hottest products for those that are ready to turn their life around.

10 Coolest Tech Gadgets For Health And Fitness

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1. Smart Scales

Stepping on the scale is often dreaded for those that are on their own weight loss journey, but a smart scale can be a powerful tool. These devices can track one’s weight by the time of day the measurement was taken, collect information on bodyweight percentage, and wirelessly send data to diet apps and programs.

2. Sleep Trackers

A sleep tracker checks one’s movement throughout the night, how fitful the individual is, how often they get up, when they fall to sleep, and when they wake up in order to suggest options for more restorative sleep. This can be especially useful for those who are stressed and tired more often.

3. Wireless Crockpots

Making a homemade and healthy meal with a focus on fresh produce and lean proteins has never been easier with a wireless crockpot. Connected to the internet through a home’s Wi-Fi, owners can input cooking times and temps from the office or while out running errands. This is a great way to make healthy meals instead of eating TV dinners and fast food every day.

4. Wearable Fitness Tracker

These devices are some of the most popular when it comes to fitness technology, and for good reason. Typically worn on the wrist, fitness trackers calculate everything from sleep cycles and calories spent per day to tracking runs and bike trips through GPS.

5. Motion Tracking Consoles

Many of the most popular gaming consoles now offer motion tracking hardware in order for gamers to enjoy titles using their body as a remote. This has revitalized the industry and there are now countless gaming titles focused on health and fitness.

6. UV Ray Detection

A little sunlight is important for one’s health, but too much sun or a bad sunburn can be deadly. Wearable UV detection devices gauge the power of the sunlight and remind users when to reapply sunblock and what strength to wear.

7. Biosensors

Biosensors, specifically those worn to measure brainwaves, have become a popular new item in the health and technology industry. These sensors can quickly attach to any part of the body to test and record everything from brain activity and electrical impulses to one’s heart rate and blood pressure.

8. Pool Lap Trackers

An electronic lap track can be attached to the side of the pool and measures movement via ripples in the water, times laps, counts laps, and can be preloaded with various workouts.

9. “Smart” Bedroom Lights

Restorative sleep is vital, and lighting is often a culprit behind wasted sleeping hours. “Smart” bedrooms are controlled by one’s smartphone and gradually dim and brighten to mimic the rising and setting of the sun.

10. Earbud MP3 Player

Armbands for an MP3 player or smartphone are decent for a short bit, but they can become uncomfortable on a longer run or bike ride. Earbud MP3 players remove the need for tangled wires or an armband by storing all songs directly in the earbuds themselves with a wireless attachment to a nearby phone.

Technology is teaching us more and more about our health every single day, and this exciting new industry has begun producing invaluable new tools for health, happiness, and fitness.

Informational credit to NeuroSky. By Anita Ginsburg

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