The Three Most High Tech Advancements in Printers

When using a printer, it is obvious that things have improved drastically in the last decade or two. In the past, they were expensive, complicated and often broke within the first couple months of usage. Fortunately, technology companies have made a lot of strides and printers now do just about everything. With this in mind, here are the three most high-tech advancements in printers.


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In the past, most printers would struggle to print the right label for the job. This was frustrating for small business owners who needed to ship something via USPS, UPS or FedEx. However, over time, printer manufacturers responded by offering label printers. Other times, the companies allowed the printer owner to make his or her own customer labels for the job. If you want to have help making labels and sending your packages, you should consider signing up with When doing so, you can ship your items without fear.

Memory cards and cameras

When looking to print a photo, you can now plug your camera or memory card into the device. This is in stark contrast when compared to the past when one could only print their photos via the computer. Not only does this save a consumer time, but it allows him or her to make copies while on the go. This has gotten to the point where major companies now produce printers with small LCD screens. With this, you can select your photo size, number of copies and plenty of other information. Simply put, manufacturers responded by offering plenty of options for the consumer. In fact, when thinking about printers, most people forget that old ones did not offer this capability.


Now, more than ever, people in the business world will want to complete tasks quickly. Otherwise, a small business owner will face an uphill battle when trying to keep customers. Luckily, with new printers, a person can print dozens of pages a minute. This is a huge difference when compared to old devices that would only print a page or two a minute. This is true whether one uses a laser or inkjet printer as both are now designed with speed in mind. This is so important that most manufacturers now list the print speed on the front of the box as consumers have responded by paying higher prices for devices that print rapidly.

Without a doubt, printers have improved drastically in the last few years. This has allowed users to get the most out of the experience without spending too much money.

By Annette Hazard

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