The tech gadget for pranks

Fonejacker Balaclava is the tech gadget for pranks.

Fonejacker Balaclava

Make prank calls to your mates as television’s premiere masked funny man, the Fonejacker!

The Fonejacker has taken the cult TV world by storm and unleashed his unusual array of characters on the unsuspecting public, like George Agdgdgwngo who just needs your bank details, and Jimmy Jon the horny Australian.
Now it’s time for you, his fans, to take to the streets and become The Fonejacker! Maybe while you’re wearing this hilarious fancy dress mask you can discover exactly why he needs a disguise to make prank phone calls!

Product Features:
• Red balaclava with bobble on top
• Recreate some of Fonejacker’s most hilarious prank calls
• One size fits all

Pricing and availability info

Fonejacker Balaclava cost£ 7.99 and it is available at

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