The iPhone 6 – Rumours of Apple’s New Flagship Handset

Apple is constantly developing its technology, and it seems that it was only a few months ago since they released the iPhone 5. Now however, we are already hearing many rumours about the next handset and what features it may have. Then there’s the name – will it be called the iPhone 6, or will there – like the iPhone 4 before it – be a slightly updated and tweaked version to become the iPhone 5S?

Here’s what we have heard so far:

The all-important release date

This is by no means official yet, but the rumours strongly suggest that we will see a new iPhone come out in either late September or early October. This is mainly down to the fact that Apple’s new operating system; iOS7 is due for release then, and the company usually seem to stage large events where they launch a number of new products at the same time. With a new iPad and the iPad Mini 2 also due to come to market in the very near future, we’ll potentially see all of the new products tied into the same announcement.


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Bigger storage capacity than ever before

The maximum capacity of the last iPhone was 64GB – impressive enough some would say. However, with its latest iPad it doubled the previous model’s storage to a staggering 128GB. The fact that Apple now has the capability to fit such a huge amount of memory in its devices would suggest that it would be ready to roll this out into its phones, allowing users to store more songs, films, pictures and other media than ever before.

A boost to the camera

A number of Android phones from Apple’s competitors such as Samsung and HTC have made the iPhone fall behind somewhat in terms of specifications, and one such feature which is now lagging is the power of its camera. So with the iPhone 6/5S it can almost be guaranteed that we’ll see some sort of improvement to the camera in order to keep up with its rivals. Early rumours suggest that it will be a 12-megapixel sensor camera, rather than the 8-megapixels seen on the iPhone 5.

Gaze detection introduced

A feature that has already been used on Samsung’s  Galaxy S III and IV models, the gaze detection sensor ensures that the phone’s backlight remains on for as long as the user is looking at the screen. This is particularly useful if you are reading a lengthy article, or watching a video for example, and saves you from having to regularly touch the screen to keep it on.

Even larger display

The iPhone 5 introduced a larger screen size than its predecessors in order to keep up with the competition and growing trend for bigger displays, such as those found on the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X. However, Apple may need to find itself evolving the iPhone even further, and there have been rumours that 4.8 inch screen could be on the cards; a size which basically matches its Samsung rival.

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