The Best Free Retro Games for Nostalgic Gamers

For those who remember the glorious old days, when Nintendo and Sega consoles ruled the gaming world—which was way before Sony and Windows thought up their wining consoles of today—this list will serve as a time portal by taking you back to some of your most cherished childhood memories. So read on…

A Collection of the Best Retro Games

The Super Mario Bros:


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Can a list of retro games be complete or correct without starting with the adventures of our favorite Italian brothers? Super Mario Bros which was developed in 1985 was the foremost adventure game of the late 80’s and early 90’s. In this famous adventure, Mario and Luigi are charged with the responsibility of securing the freedom of Princess Toadstool who was under the custody of Bowser.

Gamers are charged with eliminating Bowser’s guards, dodging obstacles, utilizing the Mario smash and flying feather to by-pass obstacles before getting to Bowser. Oh…Yogi also lends the brothers a helping hand and collecting coins in bonus stages was fun.

Street Fighter:


Before there was the watered down Street fighter Ex+ Alpha, there was Street fighter II, which went on to generate approximately $1.5 billion in revenue. In Street Fighter, gamers are provided with an array of characters—with Ryu and Ken been the main protagonist—for combating against one another as well as a single gamer option to tackle all the bad guys from Vega to M. Bison.

Space Invaders:


Going a little backward to 1978, the space invader just happens to be one of the perfect definitions of a retro game. The gamer is provided with a space ship equipped with an unlimited arsenal, with the purpose of stopping all aliens from landing on earth.



This is Classic table tennis at its finest. Pong was developed in 1972 by Atari and it provided gamers with an opportunity to test their table tennis skills against one another.



Mr. Pacman is a character I believe your parents might know. Pacman which was developed in 1980 by Namco was a widely played game with a popularity that was second to none. Gamers were given the privilege to eat all pac-dots while avoiding the moving ghosts, which had only one responsibility…to stop you from eating!

The Legend of Zelda:


A Link to the Past: Takes place in a world of Magic where the destiny of a little kingdom—Hyrule—rests on the hands of a little boy, and his name was—Link. Zelda gives gamers a true adventurous story line to explore, as Link, who is charged with the responsibility of saving Hyrule from an evil wizard with the use of a legendary weapon.

Donkey Kong Country 2:


It was one of the first games graphically designed to a high level of precision for both characters and stages. Gamers played as Diddy Kong, who was charged with the difficult task of releasing Donkey Kong from the Kremlings.

Final Fantasy III:


Before there was Final Fantasy for PS consoles, Final Fantasy III existed on the Super Nintendo. It was a multi-player adventure game laced with numerous weapons, different stages and warrior partners who made every level fun. It tells a story of an age when magic had been lost and the world had to rely on mechanized living to get by.

If you are a retro gamer, who has his or her own favorite games and memories, feel free to provide us with notable mentions in our comment boxes.

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