The Best Dating Apps for Singles

It’s almost impossible to spend time with your friends without hearing them talk about Tinder and other dating apps. These apps completely changed the way people look for others in their own cities. Instead of signing up for a dating site that asks you dozens of questions about your own interests and what you look for in a match, you can now use a simple app that requires at least one picture and a short bio or profile. Though some apps fail to work the way the designers promised, others deliver big results to users.


One of the newest dating apps is Bumble, which is popular among female users. Though only available for Apple devices, many users love the way this app works. You create a small profile and upload images of yourself. When you search for people in your area, you can swipe one way to show that you are not interested or the opposite way to show you are interested. Women will receive a notification of a male user’s interest and have the chance to start a conversation or move on. Men cannot connect or chat with a woman unless she agrees. This app gives users up to 24 hours to talk before removing the connection.


MocoSpace is a fairly unique site that combines a traditional social networking site with a dating app. The site looks similar to the old MySpace and requires that users create an individual profile that lists their favorite hobbies, movies and other interests. You can then download the matching app to your phone and start searching for men or women in the age range you want within a specific distance of your listed city. MocoSpace even gives you the option of searching for users who share your area code.


Though some new competition popped up in recent years, the top dating app for singles is still Tinder. You can use Tinder from your tablet or phone. Swipe one way to essentially like some users and the other way to turn them down. Tinder lets you upload between one and six images, chat with users who like your images and take your conversation off the Internet. Whether you use these dating apps on a tablet or phone, you need to protect your device from water and other dangers. Check this out to see how to protect your device before you start dating.

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