The Best Apps and Gadgets for Business Owners

To stay in the game, business owners need to constantly be on the lookout for every possible avenue for gaining an advantage over competitors. One of the ways to create a competitive advantage is by implementing technology in a way that increases efficiency. With that in mind, below is a list of some of the best apps and gadgets for business owners.


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Receipt Scanners

One thing most business owners have to deal with is a lot of receipts. Keeping track of these receipts can be a hassle for even the smallest business. In the past, transferring the information on a flimsy, badly printed receipt to a digital database was a very unenviable task. Thankfully, a new device has been introduced into the market to make this job a lot easier. All you have to do is feed a receipt through the receipt scanner and all the relevant information you need for accounting purposes is instantly transferred to a digital file.


One of the problems of the traditional office workspace was figuring out how to coordinate communication between business owners, management, workers, customers, suppliers and others. One great tool is now available to help facilitate that. MobileConnect, available through Telesphere VoIP Business Solutions, allows your employees to connect their own smart phones and tablets to a company network. This service allows for calls to made through cloud-powered VoIP and facilitates other forms of communication, such as instant messaging and video conferencing.


While there have been many good time management apps over the years, Mynd is one that is especially useful to business owners. Mynd allows you to insert information regarding the times and locations of the meetings and appointments you have coming up over the course of a week or longer. What’s amazing is that the app calculates driving distances and tracks traffic conditions to tell you exactly when you should leave to make your appointments on time.


One thing that has been a thorn in the side of business owners for decades is keeping track of all the expenses incurred during a business trip. However, one app has been created to solve this conundrum. Expensify is an app that records how you use your credit and debit cards during a business trip. The expenses it records are sent directly to a digital expense report. If you use cash, the app also allows you to take photos of paper receipts and extracts the relevant information from the photos.

Overall, being a business owner means performing thousands of different duties during the course of a week. One way you can make some of these tasks easier is by implementing new technology and apps.

By Emma Sturgis

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