The 10 iPhone game applications that you need to download ASAP

When Apple makes it so easy to develop games, and it’s so easy for a one man show to sit down at his or her computer to develop a game, you will eventually get some hits. This means that out of the tens of thousands of games in the iTunes store right now, statistics tell you that there’s bound to be a hit now and then. The problem with the iTunes store is that you don’t know about it unless you have the genius turned on, you really don’t know about these games. That’s where this article comes in.

Super stickman Golf 2 – The reckoning


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Ok, that subtitle was my idea, but it’s not far off. This game took a year to make and about two minutes to get you addicted. With a killer course to dictate your free time, Multiplayer mode and the ever powerful turn based mode to make sure your time is spent looking at that screen.

Ridiculous Fishing


Vlambeer made this game – it’s a second round to the first, Radical Fishing, which we all know and love in some form (it got cloned, and spread around the net). This round, we get to cast a line, get the fish, and blast them away for some points. Fun!

The room


There’s this room – and there’s a thing in the room that you have to solve. You aren’t really sure what it is, but you have to solve it. What does that mean? I don’t know – are you willing to pay $1.99 to find out? You should be. This game is confusing and wonderful all at the same time.



You and three friends need to get this game, get into the virtual space cockpit, and work together to pilot the spaceship like a boss. While your friend works the Baste and Jiggle of the Emergency Whittler, you can adjust the Finite Plexus to level 3. See what I mean?

Pixel People


Chillingo gives us a game where you can build buildings, and oh yea, people. Splice the genes of people to make… well, new people! Don’t we all wish we could do that in real life? Well, for the cost of a free download, you can do it virtually.

Star Wars pinball


Ah, to be back in the arcade in the late 80’s. Well, it’s not quite the same, but the concept is solid. It’s pretty straightforward, so don’t expect that it will do anything fancy, just pinball. It’s great, pinball, though.

Nimble Quest


Here comes Nimble Quest, which reminds me of an 80’s game called Gauntlet, where it’s a 2D world, and each character has their own powers, this has the same concept, except all the characters follow each other in a line. You select your leader, and go around and kill bad guys. Describing the concept sounds boring, but I guarantee you will have a blast.

Candy Crush Saga


Here’s the development meeting – “Guys – let’s get a game going where players smash candy together!” To describe the concept is simple, and seemingly boring, but it gets about 50 million players per day, so you know, it’s probably a good title.

Real Racing 3


While it cannot be REAL racing, it’s real close – this game looks and handles like a sports car. Except the price is a reasonable – Free. Get it while it’s hot



This awesome game is a 2d adventure that is also reminiscent of a horror film. You are this weird bat ball thing, looking to get off a planet that reminds me of Tim Burton’s playground as a child. Pointy choppy things at every turn.

Bottom line – if you want some awesome games that aren’t temple whatever or farm something, try these out, because, quite frankly, you should have fun when you are supposed to be working. Right?

Author Bio: Davis Miller is the author of this wonderful article. He is writing gaming articles for the site Motorbike Games 365 as well as other online gaming sites. His hobbies are cooking, playing football and watching movies.

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