Telephony in the Cloud: Rebooting Business Communications

If you have been researching about different types of business communication solutions in the market, you must have surely come across the term ‘cloud based business phone systems’. Cloud telephony is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) but hosted by a service provider. Technology transmits voice signals over a secure network by converting them into digital data packets. Cloud telephony is being hailed as the biggest thing to have happened to communication technology. This telephony solution comes loaded with numerous amazing features that have a huge positive impact on business communication.


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So, how do cloud based business phone systems reform the communication systems of small, medium and large size businesses? What are the benefits of migrating to cloud telephony? Why is this new platform being hailed as the best solution for the small and medium sized businesses? Is it really wise to give up the conventional telephone systems and opting for VoIP? There are several questions like the above that comes to ming when you are seriously considering a reboot of your communication system at office. Let us look at some of the most compelling ones:

Make an impression and gain loyalty of clients:

Business Phone systems are used to make lives simples for both the employees as well as the clients. This is perfectly achieved by the cloud telephony solutions as they not only help the employees retain their clients but also creates a lasting professional impression on their minds. Customers can be both acquired and retained easily when you have an efficient communication system. Cloud based telephone systems have features like voicemail, call waiting, automated call routing, IVR etc. which makes it really easy for the customers to reach concerned department or executive. The customers queries are answered quickly and at the same time customers need not wait for their turn to speak to an agent. All this creates a positive impression about the company and customers willingly come back for future purchases.

Customization, flexibility and Scalability

Business Phone systems operating on VoIP are extremely flexible and users can access the system irrespective of their location. Users just need their username and password to access the centralized communication system. It is even possible to log in to the system and perform activities like making or receiving calls, sending voicemail, email, chat messages by using even a smartphone.

The system can be customized according to the needs of the users and features like music on hold, call waiting, IVR can be easily configured suiting the needs of the company. The hosted telephony system is highly scalable and companies can upgrade or downgrade the number of users based on the growth of the organization. Since the users get to avail the service by subscribing to packages, so an upgradation in the packages can be done only by single click.

Unmatchable features

Subscribing to the cloud or hosted telephony systems opens up the window to innumerable telephone features that can be accessed from a single platform. Users will not only be able to make or receive calls but at the same time avail features like presence, chat, email, auto attendant, automated call response, automated call routing etc.

Huge savings

Migrating to a hosted telephony is bound to save thousands of dollars a month for both small as well as large concerns. Cloud based phone systems uses the Internet so overseas calls are also treated as on a fixed rather than per minute. These are true benefits of a communication system that would provide a shot in the arm for businesses reeling under the pressure of huge communication expenses.

By Michelle Patterson

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