Technology that All Chefs Recommend In The Kitchen

Are you a foodie? Do you find yourself addicted to cooking shows and cuisine-related travelogues? Or maybe you’re just tired of living on ramen and store-bought soups. However deep your passion, upgrading your kitchen supplies is a good step in your evolution as a chef. Here are five worthwhile tools recommended by the pros.

Technology that All Chef's Recommend In The Kitchen

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A professional, high-quality strainer will serve many uses in the kitchen, including juicing and sauce making. Drain excess liquids from your fruits and veggies; filter impurities from your blends; add a little texture to your salsa. Just be sure to look for something with high torquing power that can handle all your foodstuffs no matter what you put into it.

Pressure Cooker

Not only do pressure cookers offer savory stews and finer, more tender meats, but their timely nature is also great for last-minute guests or a surprising number of "plus ones" brought to a prearranged party. They’ll even save you a bundle on your electric bill thanks to their low energy output!

Stand Mixers

Tired of slaving over a bowl of pancake batter? Invest in a stand mixer that comes with whisks, flat beaters and dough hooks for all your stirring, whipping and kneading requirements. Specialty shops like The Mending Shed will offer a variety of mixers with multipurpose attachments for all your kitchen needs.


If you’re a fan of jerky, all it takes is a single serving of homemade, hand-dried jerky for the store bought variety to become tasteless and bland. That’s because store jerky has been pretreated by a machine, not your very own dehydrator, which allows you to personally dictate the timing, temperature and air circulation of the dehydrating process, giving you meats and veggies the exact consistency and juiciness that you desire.


Need some coarsely-ground nuts for an ice cream sundae? How about finely-ground meat for sausages or sandwich spreads? The right grinder will offer several different motor speeds to meet all your meets in the kitchen, not just the ones presented by a chunk of beef. Multiple tubes, augers and grinding plates are useful as well, so don’t be afraid to splurge for a high-end model. It will pay for itself with every meal.

When it comes to food preparation, having the right equipment is half the battle. Use this checklist as a starting point to give your kitchen a makeover better-suited for your budding talents as a chef and cuisine artist.

By Savannah Coulsen

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