Technology is changing everything

These day I am thinking about how the technology is changing everything so fast. In my childhood we did not had a color TV, now we have LCDs, the computer was a rare item, now almost everyone has one, there where no cell phones, now the smartphones are the standard.

Things have changed dramatically and continue to change. We don’t notice the changes because there are just a few small changes daily, but these add up quickly and we get used with our new gadgets and electronics. We see the changes only if we look back. For example the new smartphone has just few new features compared to the previous model so it does not seem like a big change, but if you think of the days when the only game was the snake, you had no GPS, MP3 and video player included in your phone, and the screen was back and white you will realize that a lot have been changed.

Our life is constantly changed by technologies even we don’t realize it. I just stumbled upon a tweet about healthedge and I followed one of the links which I found on the Twitter page. Technology is heavily used in all fields, including medicine.

The technology is used to reduce costs, obtain a better quality, perform new or more reliable instigations, make things easier in general.

So new technologies are changing our lives so we better adopt them fast.

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