Tech Watch 2014: Technology to Keep You Safe

Technology continues to be developed for more applications, with personal safety being one of the most popular. As society witnesses more shootings in schools, movie theaters, and malls, along with terrorist attacks around the world, there is a greater need for safety technology. Tech companies have seized on the opportunity by developing products that can protect cars, homes and citizens themselves.

Tech Watch 2014 Technology to Keep You Safe

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Car Warning Systems

Anyone who has ever made the mistake of getting near a car that has an alarm system ready and waiting for an intruder, knows all too well the noise that comes with them. Most car alarm systems are designed to sound if someone tries to open a door, or bumps against the vehicle, emitting a loud siren of 120 decibels or more. Most systems come with a key ring allowing the driver to access the system from yards away, and also lets them lock and unlock the vehicle in the same fashion.

Emergency Medical Alerts

As the senior population worldwide continues to grow, there is an ever-increasing need for them to protect themselves, and get help in the event of a medical emergency. Personal medical alert systems are now available which allow a person to get help by simply pushing a button on a device worn like a necklace or bracelet. A signal is sent to a call center, that monitors activity, which then contacts the person to see what type of assistance is needed. Police, fire, rescue and other forms of help can then be sent to provide assistance.

Travel Safety

When traveling to an unfamiliar city or country, having the peace of mind knowing that you’re safe in a hotel room can make all the difference. For travelers today, technology has provided a number of ways to make any stay on the road safer. Hidden cameras, door alarms hung on doorknobs, to sound a high-piercing scream if unwelcome visitors try to enter, and personal safety weapons such as stun guns small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand, or disguised as cell phones, can mean the difference between life and death.

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