Staying Connected Globally: Five Gadgets You Can Take Anywhere

If you’re like most people, you won’t go too far without your smartphone. There are just some things that people can’t do without. Most people think the same way when packing for a trip away from home. Below are five gadgets you can take anywhere you go to stay connected with the rest of the world.

Staying Connected Globally Five Gadgets You Can Take Anywhere

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Tablets or Laptops to Entertain

Most people don’t like to go all day without logging into Facebook or checking their email. If this is you, bring along a laptop or tablet so that you can always stay connected. You can use it to make plans for your trip along the way. You can use a tablet or laptop to watch movies, connect to WiFi, listen to music with your headphones and more. Don’t forget your extra power cord.

A GPS for Guidance

Fumbling around for a map is what people did in the older days. Today, you can turn on your GPS and get turn-by-turn directions immediately. Now you can focus on having fun and not worrying about directions. Do you have a GPS antenna? GPS antennas help boost the signal to your the machinery. These work well if the GPS unit somehow loses sight of the sky. The antenna helps the GPS system “see” the sky without moving to get a better signal.

Record Memories With a Digital Camera

Always take along the digital camera so that you can take pictures of what you see and where you go. Many people use their smartphones for cameras, but on vacation it’s better to use the digital camera for more storage space and better pictures.

The Smartphone for Safety

When you’re on a road trip, a smartphone is a lifesaver if you need to call for help because your car broke down. Long gone are the days of flagging someone down to take you to a pay phone or gas station. Pick up your smartphone, call a tow truck, find a car repair shop and you’ll be back on the road pretty quickly. Always keep your smartphone for safety. Don’t forget the additional car charger to keep you connected.

Entertaining Kids on Gaming Consoles

Bored kids is the last thing you want to deal with on a road trip. Make sure to bring along the gaming consoles for kids to play with. This might be a Nintendo DS, a Sony PSP or even a tablet loaded with game apps. These will keep the kids happy and entertained for quite some time.

These are just five of the many gadgets you can take along with you on trips to help you stay connected with the rest of the world.

By Hannah Whittenly

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