Start The New Year Off With These Organizational Smartphone Strategies

The New Year creates a perfect time to kickstart a new plan for your wellbeing and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to eat healthier, increase your physical activity, or improve and create a positive relationship with a friend or family member, each can bring on new experiences that can ultimately make you a better person.

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But while it’s important to take the time to think about how you want to begin the year of 2020, the act of actually doing what you plan is where many people fall through. According to a study presented on Best Life, only four percent of people who made new year resolutions in 2018 said they kept them.

Going off of this, it’s important to establish good habits that are simple, rather than complex at first. Starting small with your goals is never a bad thing. You’re essentially preparing yourself for the year with a motivational mindset, which can eventually help you complete larger goals in the future.

With technology constantly on the rise, a tool that may help you stay organized with your New Year’s resolutions is your smartphone. With this handheld device, that most likely never leaves your side, you can download a variety of apps and utilize a number of online resources suited to assist your organizational and goal-setting efforts. Within the realm of app development, creators continue to provide smartphone users with updated and trending features and products. Whether the app itself is meant to help you create goals or complete them, there are options out there for every step in the process.

Here are several ways you can use your mobile device to bring on a prosperous new year:

Scheduling and To-Do Lists

Scheduling your life can be an overwhelming experience, especially if 2020 is bringing on a more hectic schedule both personally and professionally. The best part about using your smartphone is the fact that you can manage your to-do list digitally, through easy-to-use features and displays. While there is a calendar app that comes on your smartphone for both Apple and Android devices, it’s possible to find another tool within the App Store that is more suitable for the way in which you want to check off your completed tasks. Ultimately, you’ll want to download whichever option works best with your preferences.

While to-do apps can be an important factor for everyday life, they could be especially important during the time when you’re building a list of New Year’s resolutions. Having a checklist you can access from anywhere acts as an immediate reference in an easily accessible mobile space.

Tracking Expenses

Strategizing a financial plan can kickstart a year of successful money-related decisions. Through several mobile apps located on your smartphone, you can track your cash flow through a budgeting strategy that can link up with your bank account. Anytime you want to conveniently check the status of your bank account or budget you can do so through an online tool to make your experience increasingly tech-driven to start off the new year. While financial management is quite different online than it is in a more traditional landscape, mobile money management solutions offer a number of services that assist the process of tracking payments—even providing an option that makes budgeting, transferring money and receiving paychecks early a possibility.

Note Taking

Using a notebook and pen to track your personal goals, create lists, or for something as easy as remembering your shopping list can be beneficial–but with technology, you can now take notes on your mobile device. Going mobile with your note-taking indicates a more convenient action plan for remembering important deadlines and to-dos. Note-taking apps allow you to take notes on your phone screen and save them to a specific folder to keep your thoughts organized. They also provide the capability to customize your notes by color to differentiate their purpose. That way, when you enter the app, you can access the correct note tab in one click to limit time and confusion.

Monitoring Your Health

With healthy eating and taking care of your body becoming a more common new year resolution in recent years, smartphone apps are now being designed to track and motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether your goal is to frequently exercise, eat a more balanced diet, increase your hours of sleep, or perform guided breathing, your smartphone can create a more organized plan to tackle these ambitions effectively. Although the app itself would work just fine to maintain these goals, you can also link the tool to another technology-driven tracker, such as a watch or certain exercise equipment. Heart rate, minutes of activity, an EKG to detect heart disease, and walking and standing time are all examples of ways this tech can track your health. If you want to only track certain metrics, your account could be customizable to meet your needs as well.

As technology advances, smartphones will become more and more capable and catered towards personal development and completing goals. Although there are thousands of options for each task-oriented need out there, it’s imperative to find the one that works best with your lifestyle. Using an app for something that was once done on a manual basis doesn’t mean that it needs to be scary or completely different.

By Kristen Baker

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