Split PST Software: How Worth Is Your Investment In It?

Every application has its cons as well as pros and MS Outlook is no exception. While this application offers premium quality messaging experience to the users, it has always been controversial for the size of its data file, i.e. PST.

In its startup edition, Outlook uses ANSI PST file that can store up to 2 GB of data in it.  This was fine until the application was used for personal communication but at enterprise level, it proved to be a huge drawback. This is because of the no alert system in the application for the user that the file is approaching its default limit and once it is crossed, the PST file gets corrupt with all its contents become inaccessible.

Although, steps have been taken by Microsoft to work on this limit, but still it has not brought a permanent solution to the problem. With Outlook 2003 edition onwards, Unicode formatted PST can be created that provides more space for data storage but the expanding size of PST causes problem in Outlook performance.

Since the problem is related to large size of PST file, it can be resolved only by cutting down the file size. For this there are some PST Splitting tools online that I personally prefer and would like to share with you. Today, we are going to discuss Split PST software that is a Windows OS based utility to work on size of PST through different parameters.

Product Specification:

Split PST software is a development of MS Outlook Tools that is known for its range of products in PST management domain. The tool is small in size and gives option to split the PST file by date, size, folder, and year. The most appreciated part of the tool is it will keep the data and its properties absolutely intact into the new PST file, while keeping the source file untouched. Both ANSI and Unicode formatted PST files can be added to the tool for splitting which means it offers support to all versions of MS Outlook.

How to Use the Features?

Split by Size: This option is best suited for use when the PST file is large in size. The software offers facility to define size for PST file in MB. If the 1000 MB size is defined in the tool, and the source file is of 4GB, then the software will create 4 PST files, each of 1GB (i.e. 1000 MB).


Split by Date: This option in the tool will help to divide the PST file into two parts on the basis of date. A date can be provided within the tool and the software will generate a PST file with data that has been received, created, or sent before that date and another PST with data after that date.


Split by Folder: This option is helpful when a large sized folder of PST has to be divided into parts. When this is selected, the software will generate individual PST file for every folder and no folder will exceed the defined limit. Every folder will be of equal size and will be saved into individual PST file.


Split by Year: This option is helpful in separating the data from PST file year wise. An year range has to be provided within the tool and it will create PST file for every year. For example: If a range 2005 to 2015 is provided, the software will create 10 PST file, which means an individual PST for data of every year.


Cons, Pros, and Investment Verdict!

The tool can simply split large PST file and maintains the data integrity too. I used this application on my Windows 8 machine and it worked perfectly well. Although the solution is fine at its work, it could have been better if more splitting parameters could have added to it. For example: Dividing the mails by email address.

All in all, if we talk about making investment in this product, surely it makes sense because there are a lot of splitting options and in addition to that it is tagged with a reasonable price. Simple to operate, this tool definitely deserves a trial that can be availed from its official website. I would rate this wonderful product for PST management 4/5.

By Peter Baris

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