Six Tricks You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Phone

Although the telephone was invented in 1876 to provide an efficient method of communication between long distances, it now serves several different purposes between entertainment options to budgeting one’s personal finances. Many smartphones are now even more advanced with their multimedia options than professional cameras and video camcorders, while thousands of apps are available to download on the phone and use as a personal assistant.

Six Tricks You Didn't Know You Could Do With Your Phone

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1. Find Where Your Car is Parked

After spending a long day at an amusement park or losing your car after walking out of the supermarket, it is easier than ever to locate your car without panicking that it was stolen. By opening the maps app on a smartphone, it’s easy to drop a pin on the location after parking your car, and then getting directions back to the pin after trying to locate it. It will save time and even prevent getting lost.

2. Lose Weight

When Alexander Graham Bell first had the telephone patented, he probably never assumed that it would one day promote weight loss for those who used it. Smartphone apps now provide calorie counters and can even track steps taken throughout the day to record how much fat was lost.

Apps like MyFitnessPal allows users to input their food intake, automatically counting the calories and informing the user how much they need to exercise or consume each day to lose one to two pounds a week. It saves on the cost of personal trainers and nutritionists, and is customizable based on daily activity levels, height, weight, and age. It can be done right from home without signing up for gym memberships.

3. Provide Baby Monitoring

Instead of laying awake at night worrying about the safety of your child in the next room, BabyPing turns your phone into a baby monitor with a video camera in color and a microphone built-in. It’s not only convenient to use, but provides peace of mind for the parent who will be able to monitor their child in any area of the home. It’s also compatible with all mobile phone plans.

4. Help Change Dirty Diapers

Mothers now have a higher appreciation for their phone after a new app is set to be released by Huggies that notifies parents of their children’s dirty diapers. With TweetPee, a small device is clipped onto diapers to monitor moisture, immediately sending a tweet notification to windows phones.

Although the device is currently a concept, but would work to even automatically reorder new diapers by monitoring the use and how quickly the infant goes through diaper use. The app is set to launch in July in Brazil and eventually in the U.S.

5. Warm Your Coffee

There’s nothing worse than starting your day off with a cold cup of coffee. Although the effects of the caffeine might cheer your mood, but it’s still difficult to enjoy the beverage when it’s at room temperature. The common problem is now solved with the Epiphany onE Puck, as it works to connect to the phone through a usb cord to heat the drink and bring joy back into your morning.

6. Track Relatives or Friends

Instead of hiring a private investigator, smartphones can now track children or spouses with apps that work to locate the phone of the owner. It makes it easy to know their whereabouts on an hourly basis, as well as track the phone if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Article by Annabelle Smyth

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