Samsung and Cigna offer next generation of smart health coaching service

Who of us wouldn’t know of the global electronics giant Samsung or global health service company Cigna. Now they they have put their heads together and are offering Coach by Cigna as part of S Health on Samsung Galaxy S5.

In most general terms, Samsung S Health is an initiative to help users collect and integrate health information from their smartphones as well as new Samsung Gear devices. It pretty much turns your mobile device into a personal health management powerhouse which enables you to track your health statistics such as weight, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, not to mention the feature to track your exercise regimen and environmental conditions.

As part of S Health Coach by Cigna has been launched to help Galaxy S 5 users make better health even more of a habit. The health guidance system that has been integrated within the S Health app has been built on the experiences of Cigna’s own experts – nutritionists, behavior specialists, nurses, health coaches, offering content and health guidance with personality. Simply answer a few lifestyle questions to help the Coach to create your lifestyle improvement plan that involves your nutrition, exercise, weight, sleep and also stress.

“Samsung has become the leader in the global smartphone market because of its rich technology, communication and entertainment capabilities,” said Cigna Vice President of Consumer Information Technology, Eric Consolazio. “By introducing Coach by Cigna to the Galaxy S5, we add a new dimension that can connect Samsung users around the world with our lifestyle and motivational expertise — anywhere, any time — and help them to meaningfully improve their personal health, wellbeing and lives.” Please note that Coach by Cigna has been meant as an educational tool only to promote consumer health. It’s not intended to be a substitute for proper medical care.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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