Safety Shocks: New Security Technology

With the unnerving number of mass shooting incidents reported regularly on the news along with the staggering increase in violent crime incidents in cities both large and small, security has become a hot topic issue in the world today. As a result, many people are looking for ways to help protect themselves at home and in the workplace. One of the most popular ways currently for personal protection is by implementing security measures to decrease the chance of potential violence and crime incidents. You may be surprised at the amount of thought and technology that goes into some of these security designs.

Safety Shocks New Security Technology

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Security Robots

In the technology driven world we live in today, security has become an area of focus for new technology developments. One of the most interesting new technology developments regarding security is robots. The idea of using robots to perform the services of security guards takes the use of technology to new heights in the security industry. These security robots are designed to provide many of the same security services that security guards provide, so the robots come equipped with technology that allows the robots to protect an individual with defensive moves.

Security Identification Scanning

For several decades, key locks and keypads have primarily been used to gain access to most locations and specified areas. However, Security Identification Scanning has become a popular alternative method for gaining access to areas in both residential and business locations. According to SafeWorld a division of dial locksmith, with Security Identification Scanning, individual human identification is used to identify individuals before access is provided to specific areas. The identification process can be programmed to scan unique human areas such as a fingerprint, which provides more security than traditional methods such as key locks or keypads. Fingerprint pads use the newest technology in scanning and are now standard in many government facilities.

Voice Activation

There are many layers to security in modern society. While many security measures are put in place to prevent access to certain locations or areas, some security measures such as Voice Activation are put in place to verify identity before initiating a process such as starting a car, turning on lights, or beginning an automated tasks. This kind of sound-byte technology is a great for protecting identities and making it harder for thieves to take advantage of a weak security system.

As technology continues to be an important aspect in the daily lives of many people, the security industry has embraced the use of technology to provide options for residential and business security. Technology has been used to provide more simple security like fireproof safes, and security robots. In addition, as technology innovations continue to be developed, many more security measures will be created based on these modern technology innovations.

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