Rugged-ising Your Tablet PC: How To Prepare It For Anything

The good: I can carry my tablet pc with my virtually anywhere. I can use it virtually any time. The bad: the second a spot of rain hits, or things get a little muddy, I must protect it as if it were my own newborn. So what can I do to keep the thing safe and protected? There are a range of commercial options. Let’s have a look at them.

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Kensington SecureBack Security Case. Kensington made their name back in 1992, when they invented the now nearly ubiquitous Kensington security lock. They claim it can be found in nearly 95% of the world’s laptops, and they’re probably not far wrong. The Security Case brings that level of protection against theft to your tablet PC.
The case itself offers some good protection, but the real magic is in the virtually unbreakable system surrounding the virtually unbreakable lock. It’s pitched as being good for ‘healthcare, education, finance’ and so on, but it wouldn’t go amiss if you’re a hardy traveler concerned about your tablet PC going missing in the dead of night.

Le Pan protective folio case. It’s not quite in the same league as the other cases here, but the Le Pan is pretty stylish and offers basic protection from bumps and grazes. If you’re not moving too far off the beaten track, it’s a wise investment.

Otterbox Defender. Available in a wide range of case designs for virtually any tablet, the Otterbox products have a great reputation as protective cases. Not only will Otterbox see off minor drops and shakes thanks to its polycarbonate and silicon chassis, it offers a moderate amount of protection from spills, too.

Puro Waterproof Case. While waterproof cases may not protect your tablet PC from drops and scrapes to quite the same extent as hard-shell cases, they have their own niche. Want to use your tablet in the pool? No problem. Fancy catching a film in the shower? That’s possible. If you’re going to be using your tablet PC in a variety of aquatic environments, think about investing in one of these.

Of course, there is no good substitute for proper care of your device. However, picking the right case can totally reinvent the way that you use your tablet PC, for a fraction of the device’s original cost. Do you have any case recommendations that we’ve missed off the list? If so, pop it down in the section below!

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