Registering Canadian Domain Names

The Internet is a worldwide business locale. Companies from all across the globe are on the Internet, posting to blogs and social media sites and uploading content to their websites. Given the wide variety of companies on the Internet, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish where a company is located just by its URL or domain name.

Canadian companies and firms have nothing to fear when it comes to registering Canadian domain names. The unique distinction of a Canadian domain name can allow a business to maintain an online presence through its website hosted on the Internet. With its domain name registered in Canada, a Canadian business can send its customers a message about the company’s locale based upon its domain registration and its .ca URL.

For a company seeking to register its own Canadian domain name, the process is quite simple with companies like Sibername. First, conduct a domain name search to find out if the URL in mind is actually available for purchase. Once that search has been completed, the Canadian domain name with may be purchased for a given period, whether for a full year or another prescribed length of time. After the domain name has been registered and assigned, a web hosting package can be purchased. Additionally, web design and email marketing packages may be added in order to provide a complete website launch and promotional campaign.

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