Recent reveals about specs and release date of iPad Air 3

iPad Air 2 was pretty satisfying having all the contemporary demands like being trimmed, less weight and more efficient in comparison. Among the introductory parts, it was Touch ID fingerprint sensor added. Anyway, time has come to focus more on the next edition iPad Air 3. Some are calling it iPad 7 as well.

We have come up with all recent details like release day, cost and speculations. Have a look!


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iPad Air 3 release date probabilities

Taking a dig at the release pattern of Cupertino devices, especially iPad pro release date, it is expected for the iPad to be there by October 2015. Reportedly, a special event is most likely to be organised and some of the other stuffs like iPad mini 4.

Naturally, we can be made available with some more specs regarding the release of iPad Air 3 as the day progresses.

How much the iPad Air 3 will be tagged at?

iPad Air 3 is expected to be a revamped stuff for sure, but buzz is that it will carry the same tag as well. It means we hope a cost of about £399 for the exclusive WiFi 16GB model. The WiFi + Cellular option edition is expected to be £660 having 128 GB storage capacity.

In fact some claim the current iPad Air 2 to see a scrap in price by about £80; certainly going to be an excellent deal.

Design and colour options for iPad Air 3

It is very less likely for the Cupertino to alter the look of the current iPad Air this time. However, we thought the same way last time as well, but it astounded by bringing the slim trimmed device. In the same way we hope the iPad Air 3 to be a 6.1 mm thick device. Last time the case was similar, but any further reduction in size is not really hoped.

In terms of colour, the product holds every chance to come in Golden, Silver and Brown options. Fans look more excited about the golden edition. According to the sources, Cupertino is looking forward to experiment more on look of the device like with rounded edge, or flat edge, etc.

iPad Air 3 Performance

Each time Cupertino has made iPad more efficient. In the same way we hope to see something latest, powerful hardware unit. Buzz is that there will be a highly efficient A9X chipset for the iPad Air 3. Cupertino has already made iPad Air 2 available with 12 times more efficient processing unit than the earlier. It brought significant improvement with graphics efficiency as well.

Display of better pixel density expected

Here we have come up with the most anticipated parts in terms of improvement with the upcoming iPad Air. The statistical numbers like a 9.7 inches display with about 265 ppi density is certainly interesting and attractive. However, we know each time people would expect something revamped, and ill compare it with the alternatives like smartphones. So in this way, a better display is quite sure to be there with iPad Air 3. Some analysts have to say that Cupertino might bring a special edition called iPad Pro on this regard. Good idea though; isn’t it?


Cameras are always very crucial with the contemporary devices. Anyway, any alteration on this aspect is less likely with iPad Air 3 in comparison. Snappers with tablets are comparatively lesser focussed in last editions. Still, it hiked the resolution count of the main end snapper. Hence, it is never unjustified to expect something similar this time as well.

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