Protect Your Devices By Implementing These 4 Practices

Smartphones and tablets continue to become more and more popular, and it seems that everyone has a smartphone these days. However, most devices are expensive, and it doesn’t take much to break them. Because of this there are tons of products that are specifically designed to help you protect your electronic investments. But if you already own those products you will need to adopt some protective attributes when considering your devices. Here are four practices that can help you keep you smartphone or tablet safe from harm.

Protect Devices

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Watch out for Dirt and Sand

Many people are surprised to learn that metal cannot scratch the screens of tablets and smartphones. Since metal is softer than glass, keys do not damage mobile device screens. However, dirt and sand are both harder than glass, and they are the primary culprits of scratched screens. If your screen has dirt or sand on it, remove it carefully, and try to avoid scenarios where your phone can get dirty.

Cases are Essential

Having an ultra-thin device can be fun, and many people avoid cases to keep their devices as small as possible. The extra protection provided by cases, however, is worth sacrificing a few millimeters in bulk. Nearly all phones and tablets have cases available for them, and the small investment can help you avoid having to spend hundreds on a new device. Hard cases aren’t necessary, and there are a number of soft nexus 5 cases that can give your device the same protection without the uncomfortable shell.

Water is as Bad as You Think

Some smartphones and tablet are billed as resistant to water damage, and many of us have heard stories of submerged phones coming back to life. However, even a small amount of water can cause irreparable damage to mobile devices, so it’s best not to test you luck. Avoid water, and be extra cautious if you’re using your phone when water is nearby.

Bluetooth Headsets Increase Longevity

While Bluetooth headsets aren’t as popular as they once were, they can help you keep your phone safe by reducing movement. Instead of having to pull out your device whenever it rings, you can leave it in your pocket or purse where it is safe. Many drops happen when people pull out their phone to answer it, and having a headset allows you to avoid this possibility.

Fortunately, mobile devices are more durable than ever before, and there are a number of products that can help keep them safe. Too often, we become lax with our devices and fail to treat them with due care. By reminding yourself to avoid dangerous activities and being extra cautious in dangerous scenarios, you can reduce the likelihood of having to spend money on a new device.

By Meghan Belnap

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