PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One: Which one will rule the console gaming

It’s safe to say that the Xbox has reigned supreme in the console war since it first came out. There was always something Xbox had that PlayStation did not. However, that was all in the past as everything changed with the release of the next generation consoles and the two most popular went head to head into the fray evenly matched. But has the PS4 finally defeated the Xbox One or are they too evenly matched to tell them apart? Let’s have a closer look.


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This is by far the most important factor when it comes to deciding which console to buy. Xbox One has a lot better exclusive games which have pretty amazing sequels, so at first glance it seems like an obvious winner but that may not be the case. The cross platform games look and feel a lot better on the PS4 because of their superior hardware. On top of that, the PS4 is getting a new exclusive game called “Killzone Shadow Fall” which is rumored to be the best exclusive game (after it gets released) of the year. So when it comes to buying a console for its games – the choice is completely up to you because there’s no clear winner here. What’s your poison in terms of gaming?


The controller is the only thing that bridges the gap between gamers and their characters, unless of course you count the motion capture devices. But if you’re going to play games on your consoles – chances are you’re going to be using a controller more often than gestures or voice commands. The next generation controllers are very different from each other. Sony had a lot of catching up to do if they wanted to have any chance of competing against an Xbox controller, but that didn’t faze them.

The PS4 controller has taken a huge leap forward and became much better than the last. It even has a touch pad now! However, game developers have yet to take full advantage of it. The Xbox controller became slightly less effective than it used to be because some users have complained that the buttons do face quite a bit of resistance. Overall, both controllers are amazing but when it comes to “future potential” we would have to pick the PS4 controller over anything else.

Ease of use

The PS4 has by far the simplest user interface – party because you cannot do as much as you could with the Xbox One. If you want to watch TV and play music on your console then the Xbox One is clearly superior but at the end of the day they’re gaming consoles and even though it is a great idea to have a multi-purpose console, the main reason behind owning one is to play games. With that in mind, the PS4 is a lot easier to use and get used to.

Consoles change over time as they’re constantly being upgraded with new software which allows them to do more so it’s hard to pick out a clear winner. If you plan on buying a console very soon, then I would definitely recommend the PS4 because for the time being, it is superior. We’re not just naming PS4 a winner because it’s $100 cheaper, but because its graphics and user experience are better. It’s as simple as that.

When Xbox announced you have to be online all the time to play games, people turned their heads to PS4 immediately. Yes, it was a PR mistake, but it was a significant one, so PlayStation won the battle. Is the war between these two over? No, it’s not; we’ll just have to wait and see what comes next.

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