Technology is changing everything

These day I am thinking about how the technology is changing everything so fast. In my childhood we did not had a color TV, now we have LCDs, the computer was a rare item, now almost everyone has one, there where no cell phones, now the smartphones are the standard. …

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Five Frugal Ways to Make Your Electronics Last Longer

Five Frugal Ways to Make Your Electronics Last Longer 2

Despite their relatively short lifespans, most electronic devices are expensive enough to warrant some extra care to ensure the best return on your investment. Doing so makes both economic and environmental sense. Whether it’s a laptop or a digital camera, the useful life of any electronic device can be extended …

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PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations 3

PowerPoint is a widespread software. Nevertheless, ineffectual PowerPoint presentations are far more common than good ones. PowerPoint takes expertise that may seem deceptive given its popularity. You can look into hiring professionals for your PowerPoint presentations here. The following are some reasons you might want to consider it. Image source …

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APPLE iWatch- Still a Mystery

APPLE iWatch- Still a Mystery 4

As the days go by, people are afraid to learn more about the future of handheld devices from Samsung and Apple. Samsung has launched its triumph card on the table with the introduction of Samsung Galaxy Gear in the Market. But there are other players such as Sony and Pebble. …

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