How Technology is Changing the Medical Field

The medical field has always attracted the most talented and skilled individuals to help those in need. Everything from delivering babies, to treating cancer, doctors have been on the forefront of new developments in medical technology. These developments include advancements in population science, clinical practice guidelines, and electronic medical records. …

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How Your Company Can Benefit from Going to the Cloud

How Your Company Can Benefit from Going to the Cloud 3

Cloud computing has the potential to revolutionize how any business conducts itself. In a nutshell, cloud computing is the elimination of the physical hardware that stores data in favor of having all business-based software, networks, and databases online. Here is how your company can benefit from going to the cloud. …

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Explainer Videos: Definition and Implementation

And explainer video can be defined as a 1-2 minute video that is utilized to introduce a new product or company while answering a few essential questions. The explainer video should explain what the product is and the reasons the viewer should want the product. An explainer video uses visuals …

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