New Study Shows Android Tablet Usage Way Up

Recent internet marketing news has shown some interesting statistics regarding Android tablet usage. While people may be quick to assume that iPads are the tablet of choice, the fact of the matter is that since 2011 Android Tablets have increased in usage by up to 282%! As well it now surpasses iPad usage in 2013 Q1 results.

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The "Streaming Device" study was performed by GlobalWebIndex for Q1 2013 which breaks down the numbers. The study showed that there were 122 iPad users while there were 156 million Android tablet users. The study took place in 31 different markets, which include Europe, the Americas, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. It surveyed more than 180,000 Internet users and took a close look at their app and device usage. These numbers show that the Android is now the most popular smartphone OS in the world.

The study also went on to predict that by the year 2016 Android tablet users will account for 70% of the global table users.

There are some markets where iPads are still reigning supreme however, such as the Canadian and US markets. A Chitika report shoes that iPads actually make up 80% of these two markets.

The study also brought light to what kind of users were likely to pick up a tablet. The research stated that the majority of tablet users are middle-aged males, and are more wealthy than your average Internet user. As well 43% of tablet users are likely to discuss their products with family and friends and 55% admit that the brand plays a large part of their online experience.

And it’s not just about tablets the GlobalWebIndex also predicts that by the year 2016 80% of global smartphone users will have the Android OS. This represents a 20% increase from the current numbers. But what is really interesting is even with numbers like that the study showed that 76 million smartphone users have no idea what their phone’s OS is.

Smartphone users were broken down as Android with 543.77 million users worldwide for Q1 2013, iOS users with 144.13 million, Sybian users with 73 million, BlackBerry users with 56 million, and Windows smartphone users with 48 million. Smartphone users tend to be younger than the average Internet user and are usually male, according to the study.

The study even took a look at location and social apps that were downloaded on phones and tablets. The study showed that smartphone users downloaded games the most and social apps are the number one download on tablets and smartphones combined. As for what the most downloaded app is on smartphones and tablets – as of last month it was Google Maps, followed by Facebook and then YouTube.

What might prove the most interesting though is that even with all the mobile devices available to people nowadays and the more affordable cost of them the majority of the participants surveyed still rely on their laptop or desktop computer. It seems as though the tablet and smartphone have yet to overtake these products.

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