New products that come with the advancements in technology

As time goes, more and more electronic gadgets are been invented all over the world. Technology will never seize to grow and develop in many ways. Computers have been with us for a long time now and many peripheral devices are developed to make functionality of a computer wholesome and enjoyable.

Connecting these peripheral devices to the main computers is achieved through interface cables and ports. Devices like phones, tablets and personal digital assistants can be connected to a computer through a universal serial bus interface. A special cable is required to do so. This cable may come bundled together with the peripheral device or a person can buy one from tech stores.

Such a cable is very important as it facilitates the charging of gadgets like phones and tablets that are connected to the laptop or computer. A very unique cable that can be found in the market today is the lighting rabbit cable that is quite sleek and well designed.


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The difference between this particular product and other alternatives out there is its unique fiber cover that makes it very durable and flexible. The cable is of good length and it can go up to five feet long. This is very convenient for a person who wants to use their phone at a far away distance from their computer.

The cable is optimized for fast data transfers from one device to the other. It also has well designed aluminum tips that can be noticed from a distance away. This complements the fabric cable and makes it look attractive. You can get more details about this on LATITUDE28 Design website.

Many people will not fail to notice the elegant appearance of the cable when they come across it.The fabric cover comes in a variety of colors that a user can choose from depending on their desired taste and preference.

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