Must Have Technology for the Whole Family

New technological gadgets can keep us fascinated for hours, but they isolate family members at the same time. You can use technology as a way to bring the whole family together if you choose specific devices, applications and games. It can even keep your family safe in times of disaster. When it comes to making life around the house easier. There are so many gadgets and technology that can come in handy, but it is equally important to invest in time together with your kids. If you don’t want to cut technology out all together, then consider integrating the two. Here are some examples of technology the whole family can enjoy together.

Must Have Technology for the Whole Family


Tablets designed specifically for reading books, magazines, and newspapers are perfect ways to keep the family together. Download a book that you all want to read and discuss it in a book club type conversation. Challenge each other with newspaper crossword puzzles and laugh over funny comic strips. As long as you communicate with the person beside you, eReaders encourage conversation and closeness in the family. They can also help with children learning to read. Get reading and math games for the young ones and substitute the more mindless games with those to keep children occupied at the grocery store. If you use a little planning, you will be able to help kids develop new skills as well by using your own technology.


Cell phones with application, or app technology allow you to download almost any game or educational program imaginable. Select a two-player game to play through Bluetooth technology between two cell phones. Download a Spanish or French app and learn a new language together. Many popular board games are now apps, allowing you to set up a new game quickly between all your family members without disturbing the dining room table.

The Safety Side

Install a security system to keep your family safe from intruders. This technology also offers alerts sent directly to your cell phones in case of an emergency or natural disaster. As stated by an expert from Vivint in Granite City, IL, security technology allows you to stay in touch and protect your home whether you are there or not. For example, a burglar enters your home while everyone is at work or school. The alarm company notifies both you and the police so that no one comes home to a dangerous surprise. You can also install cameras and other safety features to make sure you don’t have carbon-monoxide leaks or other dangerous situations. This ways you can use tech not only to bond with family, but to keep them out of harm’s way.

Video Games That Make You Move

Video game systems used to keep kids in trances as they sat for hours on end fighting a fantasy villain. Choose a new video game system that uses your physical movements to move a character in a story. As a group, your family can run and jump as you maneuver through the game. Along with increasing family bonding time, everyone gets a workout to stay healthy and fit. Make meal plans together and ask kids to find cooking videos and their favorite dessert recipes online to help them get involved in the family menu and diet as well.

Don’t Lose The Chargers

All hand held devices have individual chargers that turn into tangled wires all over the house. Similar to a key hook, set up a charging station on a small table near the front door or garage to minimize clutter. All of your gadgets charge in one spot so the whole family does not lose their devices. Use cord organizers and bins to collect each person’s individual gear. This ways you can keep track of all your kids paraphernalia and gadgetry without invading their privacy.

Technology brings people together through games, music and books. Invest in small gadgets and see the difference it makes with family communication. With a little forethought, you can create fun family memories while still enjoying the technology your young kids crave. Use their frequent tools to your advantage and stay close as a family.

“Brooke Chaplan is a writer and outdoor enthusiast from Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves to write about home, family, fitness and more. In her research she found Round Rock home security offers a lot of tech to help families. Contact Brooke via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.”

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