Most Dangerous Viruses for Small Businesses

In today’s cyber climate, there are a few viruses that can take down your business and cost you significant losses in repairs, downtime and employee productivity. Microsoft has some basic tips for protecting your computer from viruses, but understanding the viruses that are currently in the wild and how they can affect your company may help you better defend yourself from a future attack.

Computer virus.

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The CryptoLocker Virus

The CryptoLocker virus is a vile and disruptive virus that can bring your company operations to a grinding halt. This virus uses a two-pronged approach that results in you having to pay a ransom to get your documents back. It locks up your hard drive, and it encrypts all of your files. You won’t be able to access your documents, and the only way to get your files back is to pay the ransom. Still, if you have a decent backup system in place, this shouldn’t pose a problem for you. Never pay a ransom, as it just encourages these types of attacks.

MyDoom Virus

This virus reared its ugly head in 2004, and it caused over 38 billion dollars’ worth of damages around the world. It was a worm that spread through email, and it looked to the casual observer like a bounced email. The virus downloaded itself to the victim’s computer when it was opened, and then it used the information in their address book to spread further. It was the fastest spreading virus in history, and it exposed businesses to problems that ended up seriously affecting their reputation.

Stuxnet Virus

This virus is a real bear, and it was the first virus to cause damage in real life. This software specifically targeted industrial systems, and it was used to damage machinery at Iran’s uranium enrichment facility. The virus seized control of computer programs that controlled real-life hardware, and it caused them to misbehave and breakdown. While the virus has not been found commonly in the wild, it’s one of those viruses that could cause serious physical damage to your business.

Conficker Virus
IT professionals from places like BedRock IT Services in Ottawa are aware of viruses like the Conficker virus. Should this worm crawl its way into your company, IT specialists can help detect and remove it from your servers. This virus is difficult to stop, and it doesn’t exactly harm your computer. However, it does install botnets that can be used to attack other computers.

Staying on top of your security is a full-time job. Companies that don’t have expert IT services to help with the complexities of company and website security are asking for trouble. By staying alert, and utilizing the skills of professionals, you can keep your company safe.

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