Modern Medicine: Five Cutting Edge Surgical Techniques

Thanks to advancements in modern medicine, people can have procedures done to improve their body and self-confidence. Surgeons now have access to state-of-the-art equipment when performing cutting-edge surgical techniques. Every day, men and women across the country consult with a surgeon to enhance their figure or turn back the clock.

Modern Medicine-Five Cutting Edge Surgical Techniques

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Zerona Laser Contouring

Those who want to lose weight without undergoing major surgery should consider the Zerona contouring procedure. This non-invasive procedure helps people lose weight by sculpting their problem areas. For example, some people have the procedure done on their thighs, hips or stomach. While undergoing the laser contouring procedure, patients can lose three or more inches of fat. Since it’s a non-invasive procedure, patients don’t have to worry about recovery or downtime; in fact, they can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

An endoscopic breast augmentation is another procedure that allows surgeons to use cutting-edge techniques. During this procedure, the surgeon starts by making a small incision in the patient’s armpit to place the implants under the chest muscle. This procedure is beneficial because the surgeon can hide the scars in an inconspicuous location. Besides that, the length of recovery time is similar to the recovery time for a standard augmentation.


Scientists created Vanquish, which is a non-invasive procedure to eliminate fat tissue. Vanquish uses focus-field radio frequency to heat and disrupt fat. The surgeon heats the treatment area to 101 degrees, and this causes the body’s fat tissue temperature to rise even higher. It’s a painless procedure and only takes 30 minutes to complete. On average, patients lose two inches from their waist.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Today’s modern medicine allows people to have their eyebrows lifted. During an endoscopic brow lift, the surgeon makes four short incisions to correct sagging eyebrow lines and droopy forehead skin. This procedure is ideal because surgeons only need to make short incisions instead of long ones.

Power-Assisted Liposuction

People can even improve their body by having power-assisted liposuction done. Surgeons use a vibrating cannula tip to remove fat from the body. The procedure only requires patients to receive light sedation; as a result, they can save money on anesthesia costs. After the procedure, patients will leave their surgeon’s office feeling smaller and more confident about their figure.

Those who want to improve their appearance have more options than they did in the past. Scientists have made great strides in improving the way surgical procedures are performed. Patients experience better results and less scarring with today’s cutting-edge surgical techniques.

Article by Rianne Hunter

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